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Solutions for hotels
The Netia for Hotels package is a full set of tools for customer loyalty, as well as increasing revenues and ensuring the continuity of hotel operations. Starting from amenities for guests, such as: TV for Business with channel packages for rooms and common areas, or ubiquitous wireless Internet access - Netia WIFI, to solutions that increase the efficiency of hotel operations, such as integrated communications (Unified Communications) or a platform marketing examining customer behavior via WIFI and providing personalized content (WIFI Marketing).
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Components of the Netia package for hotels

TV in the hotel

A package of 141 programs with TV content (including 90 channels broadcast in HD quality), selected separately for rooms and common areas, such as the lobby bar. Additionally, it is possible to broadcast your own hotel content.

TV platform

A platform for ordering various services available through the TV menu, e.g. ordering dishes from a restaurant or arranging a visit to the SPA. Through the platform, it is also possible to play content (e.g. videos, photos) from your own phone.

WIFI and marketing tools

WiFi is free Internet everywhere in the facility. This is a great convenience for guests who sometimes work in a hotel or browse the Internet in peace. WIFI is also a channel for sending dedicated advertising content to guests' phones and a potential source of revenue for the building owner.

Ubiquitous communication

Free phone communication on any device (phone, tablet, laptop) allows continuous contact with hotel guests and contractors. Together with permanent Internet access, they form an integrated package on a "no limit" tariff that is financially predictable and available non-stop.

Business continuity

The WAN network built in the hotel requires tools to optimize IP traffic and network security such as Netia Managed UTM and Netia DNS Shield, which not only secure data transmission, but also protect end users against cyberattacks.

Resources available immediately

Full support for the hotel's ICT infrastructure does not require an on-site IT department, as a team of specialists can solve the problem remotely, almost at any time. This issue is particularly interesting for facilities located in the so-called "desert of IT knowledge".

Video surveillance

CCTV in a facility is now an essential part of the protection of people and property, especially in places with a high turnover of visitors, as well as staff.

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