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Netia Hotlines

Easy phone communication with clients

Run the helpline your business needs and provide your customers with friendly service, information and entertainment over the phone - for a fee or free of charge.

Various numbers to choose
The Netia Infoline service offers paid (premium rate), partly paid or free numbering for callers, with which you will provide your customers with access to the services and information they need. The choice is yours.
Constant contact with customers
The ability to flexibly adjust the hours of operation of the helpline and set automatic announcements, thanks to which you will improve communication and maintain contact with your customers.
At the start, we will help you choose the functionalities and layout of the helpline scenario directly for the needs of your business, and after the service is launched, our specialists will provide further advice and technical support. Thanks to this, you will gain a service that will positively affect the image of your company and ensure cost-effectiveness without additional expenses for the purchase of the system.
main number of the intelligent network 800, 801
menu levels with announcement system
termination numbers in the network in the scenario
IVR system
to manage incoming traffic
of incoming and lost calls
Additional options
VIP list, 5-digit PIN verification

The hotlines your business needs

Netia Infoline means efficient communication between your company and your customers, when and where you need it.

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They trusted Us
PKP Intercity S.A.
Helpline service for PKP Intercity - handling 50,000-75,000 incoming calls per month.
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  • What distinguishes the Netia Hotlines offer?

    Netia is the first operator to apply 703 numbering to the Customer's landline number, similarly to the 800 service. Thanks to this, the Customer does not have to purchase additional lines (e.g. ISDN PRA).
  • Who is the Netia Hotlines service for?

    The Netia Hotlines service is intended for any company that wants to handle incoming calls with a special number.
  • What is the difference between the hotline numbers in Netia?

    Netia offers a number of hotline types assigned to specific ranges of telephone numbers, including:
    • 703 is an information line dedicated to corporations providing paid information services,
    • 704 is a line intended for entertainment, information and micropayments,
    • 708 is audiotext, i.e. access to databases containing recorded voice messages.
  • Can we offer the 800 or 801 service only to Netia subscribers?

    The 800 and 801 services can be installed at Netia's network subscribers and subscribers of other fixed-line networks. The 0 800/801 services are "overlaid" on existing national numbers. Therefore, in order to run our 800 or 801 service, you must already be a subscriber to a fixed telephone network (POTS, ISDN, PABX, etc.).
  • What is the cost of the hotline?

    The fee for the helpline usually consists of the installation fee for providing the number and activating the scenario, as well as monthly subscription fees and fees for traffic from incoming calls.

    Detailed information on the price of specific solutions is available from Netia's representatives - please contact us to learn the details of the offer and help in choosing the solution that best suits your company's needs.

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