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Network solutions

Data transmission at the highest level


Network solutions offered by Netia

netia sd wan

Netia SD-WAN+

The new generation of WAN solutions

An intelligent and scalable network solution that will enable fast and secure data transfer between your company's branches by integrating them into a single, easy-to-manage network.

netia ethernet

Netia Ethernet

Effective data transmission between branches

A service that connects your company's branches into one network and ensures high-quality data transmission between them.

netia vpls


Secure data transfer between branches

A solution with which you can connect company branches into a secure private network and streamline business processes.

Hotel TV

Hotel TV

Hotel television for your guests

A versatile tool to entertain guests, promote hotel services and generate additional revenue.

netia biznes vpn

Netia Biznes VPN

Data transmission with a guarantee of security

Dedicated and secure data transmission between your company's branches.

Netia VPLS

Netia VPLS

Advanced data transmission

A virtual private network service for local area networks (LANs) in multi-site companies.

Active Monitoring

Active Monitoring

We care about the continuity of your business

Benefit from 24/7 monitoring of your corporate network and ensure business continuity 365 days a year.

and security
in standard
Ideal network solutions are those that ensure high performance and data transmission security at the same time. All Netia services have this as standard, because we understand that the effective functioning of your company and business efficiency depend on the way your network infrastructure is designed.

Get to know Netia's reliable network solutions and use them to ensure secure data transmission in your company.

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Network solutions

Network solutions - Netia for business

Ensuring a secure IT network is one of the key areas supporting the operations of any company. The efficiency and reliability of data transmission determines the effective functioning of the entire enterprise, and the security of data transmission and storage should become a determinant in creating the company's strategy and development. Creating or expanding a secure network connecting company branches and employees does not have to mean large investments, e.g. in the purchase and maintenance of equipment or employment and training of employees. A secure corporate network can be created quickly and with full cost control thanks to Netia's network solutions offered to business customers.

Network security basics

In order to ensure full security of data processed in the company, apart from vigilance of the IT department and knowledge of potential threats, appropriate solutions are also needed. In addition to the protection of the internal network by means of a firewall or anti-virus software, it is important to introduce network security systems, allowing only authorised users to access sensitive data. It is also worth taking care of secure data transfer between company systems, devices of remote employees or geographically scattered company branches.

An excellent way to create such secure connections is to use VPN, i.e. virtual private networks, creating an encrypted "tunnel", transmitting data between authorized devices. This method of communication protects information from being intercepted by cybercriminals. 

Netia offers business customers VPN networks that guarantee the highest level of transmission reliability and security. The Netia IP VPN MPLS service allows you to create a secure WAN network, connecting any number of company branches in Poland and enabling fast data transfer and access to company applications. The service is fully scalable and flexibly adapted to the client's needs. The entire process of designing, creating and operating the network rests with Netia's qualified team.

Building computer networks

Security in the functioning of the enterprise is also connected with the certainty of maintaining the continuity of business processes. From this point of view, the uninterrupted operation of the client's corporate network is extremely important. Netia offers the highest quality connections as part of the Netia Ethernet service with speeds from 2Mbit/s to 10GBit/s, enabling reliable communication, e.g. with servers located in Data Centers or cloud services. The cost of the service is up to 10 times lower than in traditional WAN networks. Netia's offer also includes xWDM and the Netia Cloud Tunnel service dedicated to cloud solutions, enabling fast, encrypted data transmission with the largest public computing clouds, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.

The security of the network operation, while maintaining its high efficiency, is guaranteed by the Netia VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Services). The VPLS network allows you to combine geographically dispersed local branch networks (LANs) into a single enterprise-wide WAN. The network enables the transmission of many different types of data without delays - from videoconferencing and voice calls to data transmission over the Internet and Intranet - while enabling prioritization and constant monitoring of the quality of data transmission.

In the case of services provided by Netia, full support of experienced experts is ensured at every stage of project implementation: from agreeing on customer requirements and initial selection of solutions, through design and construction, to the final configuration of the network. The quality of Netia's network services is guaranteed by the SLA (Service Level Agreement) signed with customers. Feel free to contact us.


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