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Why should you trust Netia?

Netia, as a Building Operator, provides comprehensive services in commercial facilities. This applies to both the construction of the entire telecommunications infrastructure and its management.  

Investors, managers and tenants in a given building cooperate with the Building Operator. The range of telecommunications services for offices and commercial facilities is almost unlimited - starting from the construction of infrastructure in the building, providing IT, security and monitoring solutions, and ending with equipping with devices and the so-called fitout.

The main challenges we respond to

Infrastructure construction and management

Design of the building's ICT network, arrangements with the contractor, management of this network - knowing the issues "inside out" is an important argument in case of failure and the need to ensure continuity of telecommunications services in the building.

Comprehensive – turnkey solutions

A wide portfolio of ICT services necessary to conduct commercial and service activities in shopping centers, as well as equipment with modern office solutions, in line with the idea of a smart working place.

Service management in one hand

Good knowledge of the building's infrastructure and a dedicated supervisor (constant contact with one person) guarantee a quick response time to the client's needs. This is also the best person to respond to new challenges that may be implemented in a given facility.

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