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Energetics and industry

Cost effectiveness

Why is it worth trusting Netia?

The energy and industrial sectors are focusing on cost optimization. Not only in terms of equipment, which is becoming more accessible, but also in terms of the technologies used. Solutions are being chosen to handle production processes or customer service that are more efficient, but at the same time less costly for the company. Netia provides scalable ICT solutions that can be adapted to the size and seasonality of production.

The main challenges we respond to

Economic efficiency

The development of the energy industry while maintaining the lowest possible costs of producing and delivering energy to consumers is quite a challenge. Savings are expected from all suppliers, including ICT services. The offer of scalable, flexible solutions based on cloud computing is only the beginning of creating a comprehensive proposal suitable for the specificity of a given enterprise.

Security of customer data and production continuity

Ensuring the continuity of production processes in enterprises, or the continuity of energy and gas supplies, is important, especially due to the scale of recipients. Guaranteeing the availability of services and uninterrupted production is the basis of running a business. The security of customer data will be taken care of by Netia Data Protection.

Partnerships and new areas for cooperation

New development areas in the energy sector, such as intelligent lighting systems and electric vehicles, become potential for cooperation. Combined with fiber optic infrastructure, they can open a new chapter of cooperation with Netia. In the industrial sector, many new ideas and rapidly developing start-ups are created, for which telecommunications services are crucial in reaching new customers. 

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Learn more!
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