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Netia Data Protection

Data security under control

Back up and keep your enterprise data safe with Backup as a Service.

Business continuity
With Netia Data Protection, you do not have to worry about interruptions in the work of your employees, e.g. due to theft or damage to company equipment or accidental deletion of files. If necessary, you will effectively recover data from applications, virtual environments, file systems, and even from the Microsoft Office 365 service and ensure the continuity of business processes in all conditions.
File backups go to the storage space in Netia's secure cloud. You decide how often the system will make copies and how long they will be stored. At the same time, you can choose a backup policy that best suits your company's needs.
Using the service does not require investment in IT infrastructure. By creating backups, you get rid of the risk of losing key data for your company, and thus with Netia Data Protection you save on the high costs of recovering them.
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Service management
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Flexible fit
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Reporting and alerts
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Easy access
to the service over the Internet, MPLS
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Simple and fast data recovery

Netia Data Protection is a solution with which you can create backup copies and quickly recover your company's data.

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Netia Data Protection

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Come and talk to us!
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+48 22 715 02 00
  • What is data backup and recovery?

    Data backup and recovery is the process of creating and storing copies of data that can then be opened in case of loss. Data can be lost due to hardware or software failures, data corruption, cyberattacks, ransomware, viruses, or even an employee who clicks on the wrong link. Backup copies allow you to restore data from an earlier period and solve a serious problem that your company could face.
  • Why is backing up and recovering your data important?

    Nowadays, data is an integral part of the daily operations of any company and in the event of data loss, it is very important to restore the possibility of continuing business as soon as possible. Data backup availability is sometimes the difference between minutes, hours, weeks and even months of downtime. And every minute without the business data you need means extra costs.
  • What is the Netia Data Protection service and what does it provide?

    Netia Data Protection is an advanced backup as a service solution that allows you to create and manage backup copies of business data. The service allows you to recover data from applications, databases, virtual environments, as well as from file systems and data saved on personal computers.

    Netia Data Protection provides:

    •    Business continuity thanks to the ability to restore data on demand from the user panel
    •    From 100 GB of disk space with the possibility of increasing the disk space
    •    Access to the service via the Internet or IP VPN MPLS
    •    SLA agreement with a 99.99% availability guarantee
  • Where are the backups stored?

    Backup copies of data are stored on a dedicated platform in Netia's secure cloud.
  • How often are backups created as part of the Netia Data Protection service?

    Netia Data Protection saves a full copy of data once a week and creates an incremental copy every day. Data is overwritten every 30 days, but it is also possible to specify an individual backup procedure for each company.
  • What variants of the Netia Data Protection service are available?

    •    Backup.APP, i.e. saving a backup copy of applications and databases
    •    Backup.vSERVER, which is saving a backup of the virtual environment
    •    Backup.FILE, that is saving a file system backup
    •    Backup. USER, i.e. backing up data in the Microsoft Office 365 service: Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Teams.

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