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Retail and e-commerce - from the point of view of brand owners and their recipients - are equally important and complementary sales channels. Netia offers a wide portfolio of advanced ICT services, constituting the basis for both the effective operation of retail chains and entrepreneurs selling their products online, as well as shopping centers that focus on the comfort, usability and attractiveness of their facilities. We meet the needs in the field of infrastructure and telecommunications services, security, as well as analysis of behavior and purchasing preferences - so that the satisfaction of end customers translates into an increase in their loyalty.

Transformation of trade from offline to online
The opportunities to grow trade in a traditional way are slowly shrinking, which is why, in the case of owners of retail chains and retail outlets, presence in the online environment plays a key role. This means the need for major changes in the methods of reaching customers with the offer and building relationships with them in virtual reality. Customer experience management at all points of contact with the brand - in a stationary store, online store, website, blog, social media, sales or complaint hotline or mobile application - causes greater interest in omni-channel communication.
Why is sales coming to the online world?
of Poles have access to the Internet
of the population uses a smartphone
of young people (16-24 years old) use smartphones
of people make online purchases
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The main challenges we respond to:

Flexible solutions

The forms of retail business are diverse, and shoppers deliberately choose stores of different sizes depending on their needs. In order to meet such different tastes and shopping habits, owners need highly flexible solutions to improve customer service.

Innovative approach to the offer

The key to sales success is often the proper exposure of products and response to current customer needs. The diversity of the offer and recipient expectations requires suppliers to provide innovative services that support product promotion and personalize the message. Netia has such solutions.

Resources available immediately

Efficient operation of e-commerce requires being able to quickly increase the pool of resources in moments of increased traffic on e-commerce sites. High scalability and flexibility is provided by the cloud - Netia Compute.

Marketing by WIFI

Customer information is a key resource for store owners. WLAN is an ideal tool for collecting data about customers, their behavior and an excellent channel for communicating with a specific group of interested customers.

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