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Netia Dedicated Servers

A reliable server for your business

Take advantage of the hosting of physical dedicated servers in our modern Data Center facility and enjoy high performance and continuity of IT systems in your company.

Management freedom
A dedicated business server is dedicated solely to the needs of your business. You can freely configure it and connect to it remotely, which gives you full control and freedom to manage its work.
Safety and reliability
Dedicated servers for companies from Netia are located in a modern data center in Warsaw, which offers e.g. redundant systems or access to data backup. Thanks to this, you can be sure of the security of your company's IT resources and that your website or e-commerce store will be constantly available to customers - even in the event of a failure.
Relieving the IT department
As part of the service of dedicated servers with support, you gain access to the latest equipment and support from Dell EMC and 24/7 support from Netia experts. Thanks to this, your IT team can focus on more development projects instead of dealing with service and technical reviews of the server infrastructure.
Cost optimization
By choosing dedicated hosting, you get rid of the costs associated with your own server room and the employment of IT specialists. Instead, you pay an affordable monthly subscription. Renting a dedicated server is a flexible solution for your company.
Modern Data Center
with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification
Efficient HA infrastructure
Enterprise class
Reliable Dell EMC hardware
with any parameters and configuration
High security of dedicated servers
thanks to redundant N+1 systems (TIER III standard)
Powered by green energy
from onshore wind farms
Eco-friendly backup power
based on DRUPS

Reliable dedicated servers at an affordable price

Reliable dedicated servers with support at a great price

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Netia Dedicated Servers

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  • What is a dedicated server?

    A dedicated server is a high-class server designed to support applications and services of one client. It is most often used for the maintenance of websites, e-commerce stores, private cloud databases, streaming, VoIP, games, web hosting, web applications and other high-traffic solutions. A dedicated server may consist of several physical servers, forming a pool ensuring higher performance, availability and scalability.
  • Who are dedicated servers for?

    Dedicated servers allow you to better manage website traffic and are most often chosen by e-commerce companies and those for whom efficient service of network resources is important. Therefore, if a website or store is visited by thousands of users a day, or the offered web application requires high server power and specific software configuration, investing in a dedicated server is definitely the best option. Dedicated server hosting is a particularly useful solution for larger companies with more intensive workloads and applications, such as artificial intelligence, games, visual effects or AdTech.
  • How much do dedicated servers cost?

    Due to the fact that the price of a dedicated server with support depends on many factors, such as the choice of server, software and services, we price the service individually. For this reason, customers interested in dedicated servers are invited to contact our consultants in order to propose an appropriate solution and determine its cost.
  • What are the benefits of dedicated servers?

    Renting a dedicated server not only allows you not to worry that other server users will affect the performance of the website, store or application, but also provides greater flexibility, as it allows you to adjust the software configuration to the user's requirements.

    Reliability and freedom of management
    Companies choosing a dedicated server do not have to share resources with other users, which increases the efficiency of their solutions and allows for better traffic management. In addition, they have full control over resources and influence factors such as browser compatibility, ads and images that are responsible for website performance. The solutions offered by Netia allow you to manage the server remotely.

    Unique IP address
    Pages hosted on a shared server share the same IP address, which can cause various problems. For example, a site that uses a shared server and is blacklisted may affect the ranking of other sites. Companies opting for a dedicated server receive their own IP address, which provides a unique identity and improves their image.

    Choosing a dedicated server means that no one else has access to it, which significantly increases the security of the company. In addition, many dedicated servers meet the requirements of payment card security standards, which is necessary for data hosting for companies that accept card payments. A dedicated server also allows you to control firewall settings, thus raising security standards without affecting the performance of the website, store or application. The servers offered by Netia are located in a data center in Warsaw, which meets the requirements of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard for information security management systems, offers redundant N+1 systems (Tier III standard), 24/7 support and technical assistance, access to data backup and anti DDoS services.

    Reduction of IT infrastructure maintenance costs
    Investing in a dedicated server allows you to avoid incurring costs related to the purchase, construction and maintenance of a server room, ensuring data security and building network infrastructure. In addition, the IT team does not have to take care of server maintenance and managing server updates and virus protection, so it has more time for other tasks. The fee for a dedicated server in Netia includes the cost of colocation and electricity. In return, we offer the most efficient devices on the market produced by one of the best manufacturers in the world - DELL.

    Dedicated servers allow you to maintain full control over the server environment and adapt the processor, hard disk capacity, RAM and software to current business needs. They also allow you to freely change the platform and operating system, which helps in project management.
  • How to choose a dedicated server with support?

    Equipment selection
    One of the great advantages of a dedicated server is the choice of hardware. Netia cooperates with DELL and offers powerful DELL EMC servers equipped with multi-core (multi-threaded) processors, large RAM, large capacity hard drives and Enterprise drivers. In addition, for each of the servers, it is possible to increase the RAM and add more disks.

    Software selection
    A dedicated server allows you to install the selected operating system, solutions dedicated to virtual servers, any CMS, e-mail, FTP and many other applications. Netia's offer also includes the lease of operating systems.

    Selection of additional services
    Leasing a dedicated server means that the company manages its server itself - in Netia you can use a ready-made configuration or configure the equipment according to your needs. We provide 24/7 support from experienced staff and DELL EMC technical support. Moreover, if necessary, Netia's ICT engineers and architects can help.

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