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Hotel TV for your guests

Choose a TV platform with which you will distinguish your hotel's offer and provide entertainment to your guests. With a hotel TV solution from Netia that is tailored to your needs and gives you the opportunity to promote your services, you will save money and gain additional income.

Hotel TV from Netia includes as many as 141 TV channels, including 90 in HD quality. We provide the service in IP Cast technology with sublicances to retransmission in the hotel, as well as complete television assembly, installation and maintenance support. Thanks to this, you don't have to worry about anything.
Wide range of programs
Hotel TV from Netia offers TV packages (XS, S, M and L) with the scope of tv channels depending on the needs of the hotel. A wide selection of thematic channels, allowing you to adjust the content of the hotel TV to the guests, region or specificity of the facility. Ability to create a separate list of TV channels for hotel rooms and public spaces, e.g. for playback in the lobby.
The TV platform of many possibilities
The modern, interactive platform from the key provider of the hotel TV system on the market, which allows you to freely manage the content of auto-promotional and TV content from Netia. The hotel television system allows guests to order additional services from the hotel's offer and provides information about local events.
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Turnkey installation
– from design to installation of the entire network infrastructure
Free choice of links
backing (MPLS, BDI, LTE, xDSL)
Guaranteed service
SLA agreement
Cloud integration
Protection of critical applications
ensuring their greater reliability
Expert support
and technical support in 365/24/7 mode

Hotel TV with a package of business benefits

TV for Business (hotel TV) is a versatile tool with which you can entertain your guests, promote hotel services and gain additional income. Hotel TV from Netia is a good investment!

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Netia Hotel TV

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"Turnkey service" - what does the implementation look like?
Step 1.  Local vision
Step 2. Solution design
Step 3. Acceptance of costs and offer
Step 4 Signing the contract
Step 5. Implementation < 1 month
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  • Television for hotels from Netia

    The Netia TV service for hotels allows hotel guests to feel at home thanks to the possibility of using a package of TV channels, playing their own VoD packages and access to WiFi. Hotels, on the other hand, through an interactive OTT platform, can provide valuable information about the services available in the hotel, the menu in the restaurant and local attractions.

    This is an extremely convenient solution that allows hotel guests not only to relax, but also to keep in touch with social and professional networks, which is currently one of the basic requirements affecting the choice of a hotel.
  • Television for hotels

    Netia TV for hotels is a comprehensive service that includes TV channels delivered in any technology, the possibility of integrating Netia's TV content with TV channels owned in a given hotel, including local self-promotion channels.

    Thanks to this solution, hotels can offer their guests a wide range of TV channels, especially since Netia itself offers a package of 131 channels (including over 67 programs in HD quality) with broadcasting rights not only in hotel rooms, but also in the hotel lobby , restaurant and at the reception.

    In addition, Netia provides hotels and hotel service providers with an additional tool to promote their services and advertise their business partners, and thus may become an additional source of income.

    Along with TV content, Netia can provide various types of smart TV sets from leading producers on the market.
  • Hotel TV system

    TV channels are delivered in the IP TV, Multi Cast technology, which significantly reduces the level of investment in hotels that already have a ready IP infrastructure. In addition, thanks to additional transcoding devices, it is possible to receive and distribute TV channels in DVBT, DVBC and DVBS technologies within the hotel facility, without the need to incur additional integration costs. 

    In addition to low-cost, easy and quick installation, Netia TV for hotels is a very stable solution. In the event of any problems, Netia will guarantee the maintenance of the headend in the 24/7/365 standard with a failure response time of up to 2 hours and failure removal time - up to 8 hours .

    The entire service is delivered to the facility via a dedicated fiber optic link, guaranteeing the best quality of TV signal reception and enabling the offering of additional services to hotel guests.
  • Television for business

    The Netia TV service is offered with full implementation support from specialists from Netia and its partners, starting from installation and integration works, through programming of TV sets, and ending with staff training.
    In the event of the need to modernize the facility or replace the currently owned TV sets, Netia also provides the opportunity to purchase the necessary equipment.

    Thanks to this approach, hotels and hospitality service providers receive a complete turnkey service under one contract and high-quality support provided by a proven provider of communication services.

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