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Netia Virtual Switchboard

One number for all matters

The virtual switchboard is a tool for managing the traffic of incoming calls, with which you will increase the effectiveness of customer service in your company. At one number of the telephone exchange you will handle all matters of clients - efficiently, quickly and conveniently.

The virtual telephone exchange allows customers to be directed intelligently to the appropriate consultants (switchboard) based on their availability or competence, reducing service times.
A virtual call center in the company (telephone exchange) means receiving phone calls from one landline/mobile number wherever your consultants are located - in any branch of the company or in remote working conditions.
Full control of expenses with a virtual telephone exchange in the company thanks to settlement in a fixed subscription or settlement in accordance with the completed traffic. Saving time by optimizing the work of the virtual call center.
main number (landline or mobile)
menu levels from the announcement system
termination numbers in the network in the scenario
IVR system
to manage inbound traffic
of incoming and lost calls
Additional options
call recording, connecting Fax Server

One number and thousands of satisfied customers

Netia's Virtual VoIP Switchboard is an effective tool for monitoring and optimizing calls from customers.

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  • Does Netia's Virtual Switchboard support numbering from different operators?

    Yes, it supports numbering from all domestic operators.
  • Does the Netia Virtual Switchboard have a management portal where you can, for example, change the working hours of a given department?

    Yes, it has an admin portal with this and many other features.
  • Is it possible to filter calls from unknown numbers in the Netia Virtual Switchboard service?

    Yes, such calls do not have to be forwarded to the attendants.

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