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Netia GigaNet

Gigafast asymmetric Internet for your business

Permanent, asymmetric and unlimited data transfer, high-speed Internet connection, thanks to which you can connect your company to the Internet in the simplest and cheapest way.

Freedom in action
You gain access to a permanent and fast asymmetric connection, with no restrictions on data transfer, provides undisturbed use of the network for your company.
Comfort of use
Netia GigaNet gives your company great comfort, because as part of the service, we guarantee efficient installation of asymmetric Internet, simple operation and maintenance, and support in hardware configuration. Your IT team doesn't have to worry about anything.
Cost optimization
With Netia GigaNet you gain double: the maximum speed of asymmetric Internet over a fiber optic network up to 1Gb/s or with the fastest available in DSL technology and an attractively low price of the solution.
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Internet speed up to 1000/300 Mb/s
tailored to your business needs
Fixed public IP
enabling identification on the Internet
Dedicated Account Manager
who will advise you on the optimal solution
24/7/365 technical support
whenever you need help
Efficient router
with LAN connectivity
Additional options
e.g. Internet package with telephone service

Asymmetric Internet that gives you freedom in data transfer

Connect your business with reliable access to high-speed Internet with the guarantee of sending and receiving data without limits.

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  • What is an asymmetric link?

    An asymmetric link is a type of connection where the download and upload speeds are different, such as in the case of a traditional DSL connection. With this type of Internet connection, you get high download speeds of, for example, 100 Mb/s and lower upload speeds of, for example, 10 Mb/s.
  • Why are download speeds higher than upload speeds on an asymmetric link?

    Download speeds are higher because you download more data than you upload. These data are collected when browsing websites or using applications, even if files are not saved on the computer's hard drive. The asymmetric link is perfect for, for example, computer-aided design, multimedia and large file downloads, as well as making voice calls.

    Netia offers asymmetric fiber-optic Internet that allows you to download data at a speed of up to 1 Gb/s. It is the second largest fiber optic network in Poland.
  • For which companies will an asymmetric link work?

    An asymmetric link usually works best in an office environment where very high bandwidths are not necessary for business. This solution may prove to be an excellent option for many companies that do not need ultra-bandwidth Internet connections, but instead rely on simple, fast, scalable and inexpensive Internet solutions.

    The Netia GigaNet service offers many access solutions, reliable thanks to the implemented GMPLS redundancy mechanisms.
  • What are the benefits of Netia GigaNet?

    Asymmetric Internet is a cost-effective solution that provides high download speeds and quick and simple installation. Netia's GigaNet solution is:
    • Permanent and fast Internet connection without restrictions on the amount and type of data transferred.
    • Fast data transfer in domestic and international traffic.
    • High throughput.
    • Dedicated links to the world and other operators, intended exclusively for Netia's customers.
    • Traffic exchange points with all major domestic and foreign operators.
    • Scalability that allows you to change the speed at any time.
    • Ability to obtain a permanent public IP address.
    • Efficient and simple installation, operation and maintenance, as well as support from Netia specialists in hardware configuration.
    • Mobility for voice communication with remote workers.
    The service includes the installation and management of an efficient router that allows you to connect the client's LAN to the connection.
  • How much does asymmetric Internet in the Netia GigaNet service cost?

    Asymmetric Internet is an excellent choice for many companies due to the low cost of the service. In addition, it is a convenient solution with one invoice covering the costs of line, service, equipment and equipment management at the customer's premises.

    Netia offers GigaNet in simple and transparent pricing variants, depending on the selected option. Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and find the best solutions for your company.

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