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Netia SD-WAN+

The new generation of WAN solutions

Discover an intelligent and scalable network solution that will enable fast and secure data transfer between your company's branches by integrating them into one easy-to-manage network.

Network security
Security on your company's network and the data it transmits with proven technology solutions from leading SD-WAN technology providers and central security policies.
Easy network management
Configuration, network management, maintenance and monitoring of networks and network devices through an easy-to-use, central statistical panel.
Lower network maintenance costs
Active use of links and adaptation of the solution directly to the company's needs allows you to optimize the costs of maintaining the network and IT resources in your company.
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Turn-key installation
from design to installation of the entire network infrastructure
Free selection of base links
Guaranteed service parameters
SLA agreement
Cloud integration
Protection of critical applications
ensuring their greater reliability
Expert support
and 365/24/7 technical support

The best network solutions for your business

SD-WAN+ from Netia is an integrated network solution which you can scale as your business grows.

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  • What is Netia SD-WAN?

    Year after year, wide area networks (WANs), connecting employees and branches of companies located in different cities, countries and also on different continents, need to become more flexible, efficient and scalable. At the same time, more and more companies keep at least part of their infrastructure, resources and applications in the clouds. Both of these trends are responsible for changing the approach of companies to wide area networks, namely the rapid growth in popularity of SD-WAN.

    SD-WAN uses a virtual WAN architecture and software-based technology. Its key element is centralised control, whereby network connections, security mechanisms, policies, application transfer and general administration are separated from the hardware layer.

    SD-WAN allows you to manage the network from a centralized control panel, instantly add new branches using any network solutions, as well as automise network traffic handling and optimize it thanks to intelligent routing. SD-WAN supports standard network connectivity features and also transmits applications very efficiently, ensuring their high performance and security on the network.
  • How does SD-WAN work?

    The purpose of a WAN is to provide connectivity between branch offices, data centers, and the headquarters using private lines. In this architecture, applications are usually supported by corporate data centers. For this reason, any queries (e.g. from branches) are sent to the data center and then to the Internet, after which they return to the data center and are sent back to e.g. the branch. All network traffic goes through the data center and is therefore quite slow.

    Considering the growing number of branch offices and the popularity of cloud solutions, the increasing amount of software offered as a service in the SaaS model, infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platforms as a service (PaaS), it turns out that the standard WAN architecture cannot handle traffic and meet user expectations for network performance and security. SD-WAN allows you to bypass the limitations of the WAN architecture and add another connection to the Internet. It also provides optimized routing schemes, security, and simplified WAN management.
  • What is SD-WAN?

    SD-WAN service includes:

    •    design of the solution
    •    consulting with network engineers in order to prepare an optimal QoS policy
    •    turnkey installation, including design, installation of the entire network infrastructure (routers, network switches, etc.)
    •    providing the Internet individually tailored to the needs of the company
    •    SLA agreement, which defines the detailed parameters of the service
    •    specialists dealing with both network connection and device configuration
    •    modification according to the necessary needs
    •    management and relief of the client's IT departments.

  • Advantages of SD-WAN

    SD-WAN provides:

    •    Cost reduction as it uses cheaper and faster connectivity options.
    •    Support for cloud-based services. In traditional architecture, traffic is typically routed back to the data centers. This results in suboptimal routing and potential delays for providers of cloud-hosted applications and services, such as Office 365. SD-WAN goes towards local Internet offloading and directs user traffic to cloud services.
    •    Prioritization of the most important applications on the WAN as it monitors real-time traffic.
    •    Analytics and quality control from a centralised dashboard.
    •    SD-WAN brings a new level of performance and speed to WAN provisioning while lowering the total cost of WAN solutions. As new technologies emerge, the capabilities and definitions of SD-WAN solutions will change over time. However, it is good to be aware of the potential of SD-WAN, which has a positive impact on the company's business solutions.

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