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Netia UC with Webex

Effective, integrated communication from the cloud

Get the most modern and personalized unified communications solution on the market, suitable for single offices as well as distributed branches.

Artificial intelligence
VoiceBot, which uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and manages incoming traffic based on data available in the company's systems. Not only as an automatic operator, but also skillfully conducts communication and directs to the right people in the company. In the Custom version, it can fully support business processes, having access to customer data and managing voice communication without the need to involve a human.
Freedom of communication
Netia UC with Webex means full freedom of use, including any device, any communication channel, any place, any way of dialing voice calls. What's more, the service gives you freedom from unexpected costs and the ability to use any landline number on all devices such as a smartphone, tablet, PC or phone.
Convenience and mobility
Comprehensive Webex app, integrated with other business apps. Enables messaging, file sharing and high-quality video calling on a variety of mobile devices, giving your employees great flexibility and convenience.
Predictability of expenses
One price provides your company with high predictability of expenses and the ability to plan them on any service, regardless of the method of communication.
The service is provided by any communication medium, which means that undisturbed and uninterrupted communication inside and outside the organization is possible even in the event of a failure of the access link.
Outbound and inbound campaigns
collecting information, transmitting information to the customer database
Presence status
forwarded to all co-workers
Call statistics
from landline and mobile phones
Call monitoring
VoiceBot calls back missed calls
Webex video conferencing
with real-time file sharing
telephony for MS Teams as an option

Tailor-made communication

Netia UC with Webex (Unified Communications) is a modern communication tool that you can adjust to the needs of your company.

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  • Is Netia UC with Webex offering phone services or the Webex application?

    The Netia UC with Webex offer includes both telephone services and the Webex application. Netia's offer combines a landline number of any service with the Webex application.

  • Who is the UC with Webex service for?

    Netia UC with Webex is addressed to single offices as well as to many dispersed branches. There are no location and geographic restrictions on the use of the services covered by this service.

  • How can I order UC with Webex?

    To order Netia UC with Webex, all you have to do is leave your contact information by filling in the contact form on the Contact Us page or by calling Netia's helpline.

  • Does Netia's offer include services integrated with MS Teams?

    Yes, Netia has dedicated services, including e.g. SIP4Teams, which allows you to make phone calls from the MS Teams application.

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