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Netia WiFi Marketing

Effective promotion to WiFi network users

Promote your own brand by directing personalized messages to users using the WiFi network in a shopping center, hotel or cafe.

Image improvement
Promotion of own brand by providing customers with tools that make time in a store or cafe more attractive. Image management in social media and opinion-forming websites.
Customer database
Gathering information about customers and their online activities. Reaching customers with a personalized message while staying in a place with the Netia WIFI network and also outside it.
Increasing revenue
Optimization of marketing activities and costs. Targeted activities and communication of offers tailored to the needs of visiting customers.
Real-time communication
Targeting messages and offers during the customer's activity and exactly when he is closest to purchasing decisions.
Personalized message
Communication with the customer in accordance with his purchasing needs.
1 platform – many possibilities
3 implementation variants, from advertising through data analytics to geolocation
>2000 Access Points connected to platform
in WiFi networks, implemented by Netia
>100 Customers from various market sectors
using WiFi services and the marketing platform
The only such comprehensive solution on the market,
the most analytically advanced WiFi platform in Poland
WiFi monitoring for Access Points
current data on the activity of WiFi users, collection and retention of logs
Full integration with any communication platform
the ability to create advanced remarketing solutions

One platform and hundreds of satisfied customers

using secure WiFi and data analytics.

Netia WiFi Marketing is a service added to Netia's WiFi / WLAN.

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Netia WiFi Marketing

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Mobile advertising on devices of Netia's WiFi users, additional revenue for the client
WIFI Loyalty
Analytics of data from Netia's WiFi network users, supporting remarketing and loyalty
WIFI Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence, analysis of user behavior in time and space, to strengthen security and location inside the building - "indoor location"


  • Netia WiFi Marketing

    Providing customers with free Internet access is now a must. If a restaurant, shop or hotel does not offer free WiFi, it will start losing customers to places that allow such access. According to Cisco data, 96% of consumers prefer to shop in stores where there is free WiFi, and they also return to them more often. In turn, Oracle reports that almost 60% of buyers simply require access to WiFi.

    Businesses that don't offer free internet access not only risk losing customers, they're missing out on the powerful marketing opportunities offered by WiFi Marketing.

  • What is WiFi Marketing?

    WiFi Marketing is a service thanks to which shops, restaurants, shopping centers, medical facilities, airports and public institutions provide their customers with wireless Internet access. The shared connection and acquired customer data can then be used as channels to provide information and promotions via push notifications, e-mails or in-app messages.

    Access to free WiFi allows you to collect valuable information about the customers themselves and their behavior. This data can then be used to improve the operation of the company or institution, as well as to personalize marketing campaigns.

    Marketing campaigns targeted specifically at those customers whose data have been collected are based on sending offers, messages or surveys. Their effectiveness can be measured in the simplest way - whether the customer returns to the store or cafe and is satisfied.
  • How does WiFi Marketing work?

    It all starts with WiFi with a range that covers the boundaries of the store (shopping mall, airport, institution). A customer with a WiFi-enabled device, i.e. any smartphone, tablet or laptop, naturally pays attention to information about free WiFi access on stickers, banners or stands. However, to access the network, he must log in with an email address or other details, or using social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. After logging in, the customer is redirected to a screen or a welcome page where he can see information about promotions, events, attractions, or an incentive to like the company's Facebook account.

    Later, customers can receive automatically sent messages with questions about the quality of service or other issues, e.g. about after-sales service.
  • What does WiFi Marketing provide?

    By using the information provided when logging into the WiFi network, the company gains access to key demographic data, such as gender, age, as well as information about interests or purchase history. This allows you to personalize marketing messages, which thanks to this reach people who are genuinely interested in a specific type of products or services.

    This is a "win-win" situation, where on the one hand companies receive customer data and can use it precisely, but on the other hand they offer added value in the form of a personalized offer, vouchers, discounts or competitions.
  • WiFi Marketing Tools

    WiFi Marketing platforms offered by service providers allow you to use this channel extremely effectively thanks to integration with social media, e-mail marketing systems, tools for automating marketing activities, opinion-forming websites and mobile applications.
    WiFi Marketing service providers provide access to various tools, technologies and additional services, such as:


    • tools for automating marketing activities,
    • tools for tracking and analyzing customer behavior,
    • tools for analyzing very large sets of customer data and trend research,
    • tools that allow customers to rate and provide online reviews,
    • tools for cleaning data and verifying e-mail addresses in real time,
    • tools to isolate and delete employee data.
    WiFi Marketing is a fast-growing solution that allows you to collect invaluable customer data, use it to improve business operations, set up marketing campaigns, and communicate with customers in real time. For this reason, WiFi Marketing is now considered an essential marketing tool for companies large and small and from a wide range of industries.

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