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Netia Data Center

Proven data centers for your business

Take advantage of cloud services, collocation or dedicated servers provided by professional Data Centers in several locations in Poland and improve your business operations.

High degree of security
Netia Data Centers are equipped with i.a. TIER 3 standard security systems, technical infrastructure from leading suppliers, access control and 24-hour monitoring, among other features. This allows you to ensure the highest protection of your company’s resources and business continuity
Support for your business

A wide range of services to choose from, including cloud, collocation or dedicated servers, will provide the support you need to grow your business. At any time you can rely on the assistance and advice of Netia experts who will quickly solve any problems and offer optimum IT solutions.

Excellent location
Being located in major business centers in Poland, including DC MIND and HEART in Warsaw and DC SOUL in Kraków, means convenient access and, most importantly, a location close to your business with which you will get greater efficiency in applications and systems or website performance. All this is due to the minimum latency of data transfer between the data center and one’s own headquarters.
Physical security
including 24/7/365 monitoring and physical protection, SKD, CCTV, SSWiN protection
Fire safety
with gas extinguishing system and VESDA – Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus
Eco-friendly air conditioning
with freecooling system in min. N+1 redundancy
Power supply system
with 3 independent power lines, UPS modules and battery backup (including DRUPS)
Green energy
from renewable sources, powering Netia Data Center facilities
Remote Hands support
24/7/365 and support from Netia engineers

Data centers that drive your business

Netia Data Centers are state-of-the-art data centers that will enhance your business operations by ensuring the security of your data and IT infrastructure.

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Netia Data Center MIND

Data Center in Jawczyce, commissioned on April 1, 2021, and representing the latest technical thought or such facilities in Poland.

  • 1060 sqm of server space and almost 700 sqm of office space
  • Just 10 km from the center of Warsaw, in the immediate vicinity of the S8 road
  • Three independent power supply lines and energy-saving solutions such as DRUPS
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Netia Data Center SOUL
Data Center (formerly Onet Data Center) in Kraków, highly rated by external auditors in terms of security and technological solutions.
  • 3,200 sqm of space with room for about 500 racks
  • In the business center of Kraków, outside the floodplain
  • ​​​​​​Floor raised 110 cm, hydrogen detection systems, power quality testing
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Netia Data Center BRAIN
Data Center in Grodzisk Mazowiecki with all amenities and security systems in TIER 3 standard. Specialized technical infrastructure from leading suppliers with an impressive architecture.
  • 550 sqm of server space, additional office and conference space and parking for
  • 50 spaces Access to Grodzisk Mazowiecki via A2 highway in 30 minutes from the center of Warsaw
  • Three 2MW power generators
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Netia Data Center HEART
Data Center in Warsaw, meeting the expectations of the most demanding business and guaranteeing the security of clients’ most valuable resources.
  • 550 sqm of server space
  • Close to the business center of Warsaw (ul. Poleczki 13)
  • Two independent power lines, ultra-modern firefighting system, air conditioning with freecooling function in N+1 redundancy
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  • What is a Data Center?

    Data backups, protects against natural and man-made disasters such as floods, storms, and terrorist threats. Netia has many data centers spread across the country. However, the most important are three of them: Heart, Brain & Soul – located in Warsaw and Kraków, equipped with TIER 3 standard security systems, specialized technical infrastructure from top suppliers, ultra-modern firefighting equipment and round-the-clock security.
  • Who uses the Data Center?

    Any person, company or entity that generates or uses data. This ranges from government and educational institutions, telecommunications companies, financial institutions and retailers to users of social networking sites such as Google or Facebook.
  • What services does the Data Center offer?

    Data centers offer data storage, backup and recovery, data management and network transfer services. They can store and operate websites, provide resources and applications stored in clouds, enable banking transactions and the operation of e-commerce stores, create venues for online gaming communities, and do many other things that require constant processing of incredible amounts of information. Data center services can involve infrastructure, software, processes and IT personnel. These include:
    • Installation, service, maintenance and upkeep of equipment
    • Server collocation and leasing
    • Rental of a rack in a collocation center, box or server room space
    • Management and provision of connectivity, links and Internet access
    • Public, private and hybrid cloud services
    • Providing security: firewalls, anti-malware programs, protection against DDoS attacks
    • Backup and restore and data archiving
  • What are the benefits of using Data Center services?

    Adequate storage of data is of great importance for its security, so it is worth paying attention to the choice of professional services. Using the services of an external data center, the customer is free to focus on the fundamental activities of their own company. What does a modern Data Center guarantee?

    In practice, a modern Data Center is a solution that:
    • offers customers services at affordable rates with various options depending on the lease term and requirements,
    • provides immediate scalability in case customers’ needs change,
    • provides an excellent software and hardware environment,
    • provides a system with optimum performance by distributing the load among the nodes of the cluster.

    Users/customers do not have to worry about hiring stuff to maintain and manage data centers. Services are available at all times and without failover resulting from backup or recovery.

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