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Communication with the client

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Netia Unified Communications

Netia Unified Communications

Effective communication from the cloud

A modern and personalized integrated communications solution that works well for single-branch and multi-site companies.

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Netia Hotlines

Netia Hotlines

Easy telephone communication with customers

Efficient communication between your company and customers, when and where you need it. As part of the service, you can choose between paid (so-called premium rate), partially paid or free numbers for callers.

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Virtual Switchboard

Virtual Switchboard

One number for all matters

A tool for directing incoming call traffic that increases the efficiency of your company's customer service.

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Contact Center PRO

Contact Center PRO

A modern call center service system

Effective, multi-channel communication and handling of incoming and outgoing calls - without investing in the system and with an individual approach to each project.

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netia biznes vpn

Netia Customer Service

Efficient and friendly customer service

Combination of the Call Center system, hotline and existing solutions in your company to create conditions for perfect customer service.

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Netia WiFi Marketing

Netia WiFi Marketing

The power of the internet in space

A service added to the WiFi infrastructure provided by Netia, enabling promotional activities by directing profiled marketing information to WiFi network users.

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High quality in communication
Communication with customers is crucial in every business, which is why we provide tools that allow you to increase its effectiveness. Thanks to them, customers are immediately directed to the right departments and receive help quickly. The ability to monitor quality ensures even more effective communication management, which translates into increased customer satisfaction and higher sales. Many functions available in one tool will allow you to optimize your expenses, and a fixed subscription for the service will guarantee predictability of costs.

Use our services and increase your sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty today.

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Communication with the client


Communication with the client. Netia for business.


Good communication with the client is the key to the success of any company, regardless of its size or business profile. Effective communication with customers guarantees that the company understands their needs and reaches them with the right solution. In addition, it supports building relationships that can result in long-term cooperation. This rule works well both in retail and e-commerce, as well as in companies implementing projects for corporate clients or public institutions.


Communication with the client becomes more effective with the use of modern tools. There are many solutions available on the market to streamline the communication process. These are, for example, a professional call center and various types of extensive marketing tools.


Company communication with the client


A customer who needs to resolve a problem and finds it difficult to contact the right company employee becomes frustrated and sometimes, desperate, abandons the supplier. In such a situation, it is extremely important to create the right infrastructure, enabling employees to quickly and efficiently respond to customer needs, and customers - to reach the right people at the right time.


A solution that facilitates telephone communication with customers is the Virtual PBX. It helps to intelligently manage incoming calls to a given company by automatically directing them to the right recipients. Tools that have so far been available to the largest call centers can now be used by companies with only a few numbers. The virtual switchboard is also helpful in the case of companies whose operations are spread over several branches with different numbers in the country. A given organization receives one central number, thanks to which customers calling it can be automatically redirected to the appropriate branch. The Virtual Switchboard solution also allows you to route incoming calls based on the service calendar, so that customers can contact the right employees even when the team is operating at non-standard hours.


As part of the Virtual PBX, a full analysis of the company's communication is carried out and statistics of incoming traffic are created. Managing this communication platform is extremely simple - the user can do it on their own or with the support of Netia specialists. The service relies mainly on incoming traffic. In this case, it is fully predictable in terms of costs, because within one monthly price, in the no limit tariff, the customer pays only for the number of users and the main number.


The use of special 80x, 70x numbers of the so-called intelligent networks allows for more effective operation of helplines (paid and toll-free) and more comprehensive communication with customers. Based on a smart network, modern hotlines facilitate marketing activities, customer service or delivery of paid content to recipients. The architecture of the intelligent network allows for its quick creation, development and smooth control, without the need to redesign the entire call center system.


Online communication with the client


Modern communication with the client is generally multi-channel communication. In addition to more traditional means, such as telephone communication, it is also essential to create efficient online communication channels with the client. For an increasing number of consumers, the comfort of communication and the selection of tools that meet their preferences are important. All this is provided by the Netia Contact Center solution, which simultaneously allows you to send e-mails, make phone calls, chat or use Messenger.


Traditional e-mail is often not enough to maintain communication with the client, for this reason tools enabling contact in real time are useful. The Contact Center solution offered by Netia allows for the integration of various communication tools, including e.g. widgets giving the option of quick contact from the website level.

The advantage of Netia's solution is that no matter who handles the client's case, they have access to the full communication history, including the popular Messenger or chat on the company's website. All these online communication channels are fully encrypted and ensure a high level of security.


Effective communication with the client


Modern tools also allow the use of completely new ways of reaching customers with marketing messages. One of the fastest-growing forms of communication between companies and customers today is WiFi marketing. Thanks to this service, customers receive personalized messages from a given company via a free wireless network. This service is perfect for shopping malls, hotels, supermarkets, restaurants and public institutions. After connecting a mobile device to such a free network, the customer can receive messages on his device, e.g. in the form of mobile offers, vouchers or dedicated promotions. Targeting is based on user behavior data that was provided during login. It is worth knowing that the high effectiveness of this technique results not only from its personalization, but also from the fact that the customer receives information about discounts or offers exactly when he makes purchasing decisions. The Netia WiFi Marketing service is an extremely valuable source of customer data. Thanks to applications for tracking and analyzing data on their behavior, it is possible to precisely determine which marketing activities are effective and plan future promotional campaigns.


We invite you to contact Netia's experts in order to select solutions appropriate to your company's needs. They offer full support in the selection, design, configuration and ongoing maintenance of all communication tools.

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