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Traditional vs. online media


Why is it worth trusting Netia?

In the media industry, a significant part of the audience is directed towards online media and video content available on websites, including social media, so it is worth supporting this market sector. Netia, as an Internet provider, is a link with the online world, but also a partner in sharing content and distributing live local content.

The main challenges we respond to

Responsiveness and transmission guarantee

When important events are broadcast in the media, Netia is able to cope with many tasks - from securing the network at the event site, through video production, to transmitting data packets to the world. Sharing content is usually embedded in real time and therefore involves considerable risk. The guarantee of operational reliability and uninterrupted transmission is crucial. Therefore, it is worth using an experienced partner such as Netia.

Solutions for the online world

When developing the media market in online channels, it is important to have technological resources that will guarantee constant, uninterrupted access with a backup option, wide reach to network users and the security of transmitted information.

On-demand services

The prevailing way of content consumption - on demand, is influencing service providers. Netia is following this trend by responding quickly to the needs of content providers, delivering services at any time, and providing storage space for content libraries.

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