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Netia Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A platform for distributing video content on the web

Create your own TV with the help of a professional platform and deliver video content via the Internet to your audience.

Professionalism and simplicity
A professional and at the same time easy-to-use video content distribution platform that will allow you to deliver them to end recipients via the Internet.
The comfort of your work
Possibility to freely edit all content and manage the video material on an ongoing basis.
An advantage over the competition
A solution based on the infrastructure of leading suppliers and using the latest technologies. Access to a number of statistics related to the operation of the service gives you the opportunity to observe the current trend and plan further development of the service.
Cost optimization
Transfer packages allow for predictable costs. A distributed system of servers installed in network nodes located close to the recipients of the content guarantees you that the material will be viewed without interruption.
Data safety
This is the foundation of a CDN. Netia provides full maintenance services, including protection of your materials against possible theft.
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Guarantee of quality
stable and smooth video transmission
On-going management
of video materials, free editing
Transfer packages
enabling cost forecasting
Online statistics
enabling observation of the current trend and planning further development of the service
Full Netia support
that guarantees the maintenance and protection of materials
Leading infrastructure providers
use the latest technology

Your own television with the help of a professional platform

The CDN service will enable you to provide smooth and stable video content to your recipients

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