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Netia Contact Center PRO

Light as a cloud system for call center support

Multi-channel support for incoming and outgoing campaigns. Effective tools without investment in the system. Individual approach in each project.

Sales activities and customer service based on a combination of contact center technology and a wide range of Netia products. The call center system allows to ensure high effectiveness and efficiency of operations.
Our call center service (contact center) provides a combination of the call center system of receiving and performing MULTICHANNEL activities, the client's history, current tasks and cases with their status.
The service ensures full control of expenses thanks to settlement in a fixed subscription and no costs of purchasing and maintaining IT infrastructure. Saving time by optimizing the operation of the call center system (contact center).
Multi-channel communication
including via e-mail, sms, chat and Messenger
Supporting group work
between employees performing an algorithmic set of activities
Dialer system
that filters calls to consultants and removes e.g.: secretaries, faxes, wrong numbers, out of range
Monitoring and testing
campaign effectiveness and service efficiency
Full history of communication
with the client, regardless of the communication channel
for efficient customer service and campaign resource planning

Incoming and outgoing communication with clients

Netia Contact Center PRO is the service of outgoing and incoming traffic for multi-channel customer service.

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  • Does the Contact Center system integrate various communication channels?

    Contact Center integrates multiple communication channels in one tool. It provides the ability to communicate via telephone, e-mail or chat. Contact center automatically arranges information flow processes.

    One intuitive interface provides consultants and their managers with many improvements to customer service. Managing all communication channels from one consultant console means more effective control of applications, contacts or potential leads.
  • What is the basic KPI measured in the contact center?

    The most commonly used performance indicators and KPIs in contact center monitoring can be divided into several categories. Some of them relate to the quality and accessibility of services, while others measure the effectiveness of employees. Other factors affect efficiency, which is closely related to profitability or cost. The three most significant ones are worth mentioning:
    • SLA - Service Level Agreement - defines the minimum reliability and availability for customers. It helps in determining the optimal level of quality of the services provided.
    • SLV - Service Level - presents the percentage of calls received in the assumed time. Depending on the selected contact channel, it should be determined individually.
    • FCR - First Contact Resolution - describes the effect of interaction on the client-company line at the first contact. Indicates how many cases did not require transfer to a higher support line. It reflects the actual effectiveness of the organization in terms of handling requests.
  • Is it possible to identify a customer in the Contact Center?

    The Contact Center system allows consultants to instantly recognize the calling person and view the history of interaction with them. This shortens the customer service time from the moment of recognizing his intention to the implementation of the case and closing the application.
  • Is it possible to integrate the Contact Center with other systems?

    The Contact Center system can be integrated with any call center system that is also capable of integration.

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