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Netia DDoS Protection

Your (web) applications always available to customers

Secure your infrastructure and key business applications available on the Internet against DDoS attacks to ensure their continuity of operation, even during the largest volumetric attacks.

Constant monitoring
With Netia DDoS Protection, you have the support of a cybersecurity monitoring (SOC) and network surveillance (NOC) team that works 24/7 to detect any ddos attacks that may threaten your business continuity and take immediate remedial action. Protection against DDoS (Anti DDos) is an effective strengthening of the company's cybersecurity.
Fast and local DDoS protection
Anti DDoS protection for your company can be activated in a very short time, without unnecessary formalities, if you are experiencing a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. Anti DDoS protection is provided by a platform located in modern Netia Data Center facilities in Poland, with the support of Netia SOC security engineers.
SLA guarantee
We provide high service level parameters including response time to DDoS attacks. So you can be sure that your company systems will work in an uninterrupted way thanks to DDoS protection (anti-DDoS systems).
No action limit
We will protect your company against DDoS attacks, regardless of their number, frequency or specificity. Thanks to the extensive reporting capabilities of the Anti DDoS system, you will get an insight into the statistics of detected and removed threats.
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Network traffic monitoring
in 365/7/24 mode
Platform with a capacity of 100 Gps
to filter out infected traffic
Short reaction time <15 min
to a detected DDoS attack
Redundancy of the solution
with high availability of the service >99.99%
Web portal
with access to online statistics and reports
Layer 7 (application) protection
on request

Leader of anti-DDoS protection in Poland

Netia DDoS Protection is a comprehensive protection for your company against DDoS attacks and threats on the Internet.

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Come and talk to us!
or call us at
+48 22 715 02 00
  • What is a DDoS attack?

    A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack aims to make a server, service or infrastructure unavailable. The attack consists in overloading the server or the surrounding infrastructure with a massive number of requests that are sent from many places on the Internet at the same time. This leads to instability or complete unavailability of the service.
  • Who should be protected against DDoS attacks?

    Practically any company or organization that has exposed any resources on the Internet (e.g., web applications, websites, DNS servers, VoIP, etc.) which are frequently used by end users.
  • What are the effects of a successful DDoS attack?

    The most common consequences of DDoS attacks include:
    - Uncontrolled interruption in the work continuity of the attacked systems
    - Loss of sales/business opportunities
    - Loss of reputation
    - Financial losses/penalties (for clients or supervisory institutions)
  • Does the firewall protect against DDoS attacks?

    Currently, virtually every firewall available on the market is equipped with some functions protecting the network against DDoS attacks. Advanced Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) offer protection against DDoS attacks and can deal with many such threats. However, the device does not protect against intense DDoS (high volume) attacks and may not have the sophisticated layer 7 attack detection mechanisms available in dedicated solutions. Another drawback is that enabling DDoS protection in the firewall can reduce the overall performance of the device, which reduces network bandwidth and increases end-user latency.
  • What are effective ways to protect against DDoS attacks?

    Protection against DDoS attacks requires:

    - Detection mechanisms, enabling quick recognition and classification of events.
    - Multi-level security
    - High-performance filtration systems.
    - Experience in repelling attacks.
    - Continuous access to the latest feeds on DDoS attacks in the world.
    - Appropriate rapid response procedures and professional 24/7/365 service.
    Due to the large capacity of the network and the ability to filter artificial / legitimate traffic, Netia is able to stop virtually any DDoS attack, in particular volumetric attacks.
  • What is automitigation?

    Mitigation activated automatically and triggered within minutes when an attack targeting your service/infrastructure is detected. You will then receive an e-mail notification and you can follow the development of the situation in the Customer Panel.
  • Can one Netia DDoS Protection service protect several links?

    Yes, because the IP addressing is protected, not the physical link.
  • Do I need an access line from Netia to use the Netia DDoS Protection service?

    Yes, it is a prerequisite for using the service.

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