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Netia E-mail Protection

Safe e-mail in your company

Secure your business and protect your corporate email from spam, phishing, malware and other email threats.

A simple offer
As many as 90% of cyberattacks start with e-mail. By focusing on the security of electronic mail (e-mail), you minimize the risk of a successful attack on your company.
Efficiency and scalability
It doesn't matter if you want to protect 10, 100 or 1000 e-mail inboxes of employees - we will take care of their safety and eliminate messages considered dangerous thanks to a dedicated platform for monitoring incoming e-mail correspondence. Depending on your business needs, you can freely change the scope of mail protection, e.g. by enabling the protection of mailboxes of new employees. Take care of e-mail security according to your needs.
We provide the e-mail protection service in a full outsourcing model. This means that you do not have to worry about licenses, ICT infrastructure or human resources responsible for secure e-mail. We ensure full compliance of the mail protection service with good market practices and legal standards.
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Sandboxing analysis for suspicious attachments.
A next-generation solution that protects computers from being infected with viruses.
Protection of e-mail against campaigns aimed, for example, at stealing logins and passwords.
Email protection against malware that cannot be detected by standard antiviruses (e.g. ransomware, spyware).
Keeps your mailboxes free from junk and SPAM.
Reputation rating
Possibility to add trusted and undesirable senders in the whitelist and blacklist.
High precision
Minimal number of false alarms, so-called false positives.
High availability
High availability thanks to solution redundancy. 
Detailed, real-time reports on e-mail threats.

Effective protection of your company

Netia E-mail Protection is a comprehensive service that ensures the security of e-mail inboxes in your company.

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Netia E-mail Protection

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How do we provide this service?
We provide the service in the multi-tenant model on a shared platform, and for more demanding customers - we implement the solution on a dedicated instance.
The service is provided from Netia's secure cloud, with full redundancy of the environment used.
Simple configuration and service independent of the connection provider.
Implementation and maintenance of the service by specialists from Netia.
  • Can I use the Netia Electronic Mail Protection service if I am not a Netia client?

    Yes, the Netia E-mail Protection service is independent of the telecommunications service provider.
  • How long does it take to activate the Netia Electronic Mail Protection service?

    The average service activation time from the moment of concluding the agreement with Netia should not exceed 14 days.
  • Can I change the number of protected mailboxes during the term of the contract?

    It is possible to add the Mail Protection service to any number of mailboxes.
  • What are the requirements for using the Netia Electronic Mail Protection service?

    The only requirements to use the service are to have e-mail in your own Internet domain and to configure DNS records, which will be assisted by Netia's security specialists.
  • I use my e-mail in the cloud as a part of O365. Can the Mail Protection service also protect e-mail in this model?

    Yes, but it is only available in the Custom package and requires an additional virtual machine to be created in the Azure environment.
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