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Netia Phishing-on-Demand

Controlled attack to improve defense

Test employees' phishing resistance through a controlled attack and eliminate potential vulnerabilities in your company.

Why is it worth betting on cybersecurity?
Are you sure that your employees are always vigilant and check all parameters for a secure message?
Are you ready to address detected vulnerabilities in order to avoid losses when these vulnerabilities are exploited?
Are you aware of the risk of ignoring detected vulnerabilities?
The basic components of the service are: the experience of the Security Operations Center team and a dedicated platform for conducting and detailed reporting of phishing attacks on company employees.

As part of this service, you can test the readiness and resistance of employees to one of the most popular attacks used by cybercriminals once or periodically. Such controlled attacks are performed to detect potential weaknesses that could be used to gain unauthorized access to the Customer's systems, resulting in, for example, leakage of sensitive data, and consequently financial loss, loss of image and legal consequences.
How does it work?
A controlled attack on company employees is carried out in a safe manner. For this purpose, one of the predefined scenarios is used or prepared specially for the customer's requirements. Full feedback is provided only to the client, while Netia, following him, prepares a recommendation of protection solutions, as well as methods of raising awareness and training for employees.
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Benefits of using the service

Comprehensive approach

The platform used for controlled Phishing is one of the most popular solutions in the Security industry, and additionally enriched with professional support and knowledge of specialists and technological facilities, it gives a complete set for testing and strengthening security in the company.


A recommended team of specialists with many years of experience in implementing security solutions and mitigating cyber threats.


Many possible combinations and attack scenarios, available depending on the needs of the client and its internal processes.

Start time

Quick implementation thanks to a simple business model.

Detailed analysis

The result of the study in the form of a detailed report is key information for the company, which only reaches the business owner.

Conclusions and recommendations

Recommendation prepared by experts from Netia, covering not only the technical scope, i.e. a solution that will increase the security of the company, but also additional elements of employee education and awareness of the organization in the field of cyber threats.

Come and talk to us!
or call us at
+48 22 715 02 00

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