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Netia DNS Shield

Effective business protection against cyberattacks

Increase security in the corporate network by analyzing users' DNS queries and blocking access to domains considered dangerous.

You gain protection against popular and frequently used cyber threats, including malware, phishing, C&C callbacks, cryptomining. In short, the security you need.
The service is active 24/7/365, and the cloud-based platform constantly monitors and filters internet traffic, thanks to which your company's resources are constantly protected against cyberattacks.
The Netia DNS Shield service in its standard version does not require any infrastructural investments. We start protection against cyber threats by reconfiguring the edge device in your network to redirect DNS queries to the service servers - quickly, conveniently and without excessive involvement of your IT department.
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Asset protection
against malware
Restricting access
to selected categories of websites
24/7 remote support
for continuous asset protection
Quick activation
without unnecessary formalities
Leading Cisco technology
used in the service
Statistics and reports
to assess your security posture (Advanced version)

Increase the security of your business

Netia DNS Shield (website filtering) is a simple and effective tool to protect your company against cyber threats.

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Netia DNS Shield

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  • What cyber threats will the Netia DNS Shield service protect me against?

    The Netia DNS Shield service increases security in Internet traffic and protects against malware, phishing and cryptomining. This is possible by blocking communication with C&C servers and servers hosting the malware mentioned above.
  • How should I install and configure the Netia DNS Shield service?

    You do not have to worry about anything, because we will take care of the activation and maintenance of the Netia DNS Shield service. Our team of experienced experts will take care of the correct configuration and your company will gain security while using the network.
  • How will the service be launched and will investments in infrastructure be necessary?

    The service will be launched on a platform embedded in a secure cloud environment, thanks to which you will avoid investing in the purchase, maintenance or repair of equipment.
  • Can I monitor the effectiveness of the service?

    Yes, as part of the service you will receive regular reports.
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+48 22 715 02 00

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