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Outsourcing and automation of customer service processes


Why is it worth trusting Netia?

In the media industry, a significant part of the audience is turning to online media and video content available on websites, including social media, so it is worth supporting this market sector. Netia, as an Internet provider, is a link with the online world, but also a partner in sharing content and distributing live local content.

The main challenges we respond to

  • Customer service outsourcing

    Contact with customers from anywhere is an element of the outsourcing strategy, which especially affects telemarketing and after-sales service departments. Most corporations use outsourcing in these areas, while maintaining constant communication with the call center and the possibility of flexible team management. An argument supporting the development of the industry is the economic effectiveness of such solutions.

  • Comprehensive solutions for consultants

    The work of contact center consultants is supported by a professional infrastructure, including advanced and user-convenient hardware and software capable of handling various channels of contact, the so-called omnichanneling. Data collection and security is another indispensable element of call center work.

  • Training and experience via video

    The quality of work in a contact center is determined not only by the solutions available for consultants, but also by the opportunities for personal development. Training and video contact are essential in this respect. Videoconferencing is the main channel of communication between trainers and consultants, and video chats are a new dimension of customer service.

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