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Effective data transmission between branches

Connect any number of your company's branches into one network using standard Ethernet interfaces and transfer various types of data between them - effectively and safely.

Security and efficiency
The ability to optimise bandwidth usage and set traffic priorities in the VPLS network allows for safe and efficient data transfer in your company. What's more, as part of the service, you gain full control over their flow, because you have access to constant monitoring of the quality of data transmission.
Privacy and control
The VPLS network allows full control over packet addressing and routing, and ensures speed of operation due to the lack of the need to interact with the operator when making changes.
Network uniformity
As part of VPLS, you can connect any number of your company's branches located throughout Poland into one wide area network (WAN). Your WAN will behave like a LAN, allowing you to easily manage separate networks in one domain as if they were segments of a homogeneous LAN.
As part of the Netia VPLS service, you get a very favorable price for 1 Mb of bandwidth. You also have low operational and administrative costs due to no need to invest in IT infrastructure and no need to hire additional employees to apply special routing protocols or devices.
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Turnkey installation
from design to installation of network infrastructure
GMPLS redundancy mechanisms
ensuring network reliability
Monitoring the quality of data transmission
allowing for quick response
MEF 2.0 certificate
confirming the quality of access solutions
Guaranteed service parameters
by SLA agreement
Support of specialists
during connection and configuration of devices

A solution that will ensure network privacy in your company

With Netia VPLS, you will connect all your company's branches into one network that will enable secure data transfer between them.

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Come and talk to us!
or call us at
+48 22 715 02 00
  • What is the installation process of the Netia VPLS service?

    The installation process within the Netia VPLS service includes:

    •    Design of the solution
    •    Consulting with network engineers to prepare the optimal solution
    •    Implementation of a "turnkey" installation, including the design and installation of the entire network infrastructure
    •    Choosing the method of Internet delivery to your needs
    •    SLA agreement, specifying the detailed parameters of the service
    •    Support of specialists in connection to the network and configuration of devices at the client's company.

  • What is VPLS?

    VPLS facilitates network connections between multiple remote geographical locations. Regardless of the location of the company's branch, all services in VPLS are available in the same LAN, which significantly improves the security of network traffic in the company and connections to external servers.

    VPLS is a layer 2 VPN that uses IP/MPLS technology as the core of the network and allows you to create multipoint-to-multipoint connections. From the point of view of a company that owns LANs distributed across multiple locations, VPLS acts as a switch that connects all of these Layer 2 locations to form a single WAN. Thanks to this, the VPLS service provides virtually any scalability and no need to make major modifications to the network itself when adding additional LANs to the corporate WAN.

    The most important feature of this solution is the fact that the WAN network is created as a result of natural integration of local LAN networks located in the company's branches, creating one coherent network segment. In addition, such a WAN network allows for safe and extremely efficient data transfer at speeds of up to 1 Gb/s, while maintaining full transmission control by the network owner.
  • What are the advantages of VPLS

    One of the main benefits of VPLS is the ability to quickly, efficiently and reliably combine your company's local LANs into an integrated WAN environment and provide an infrastructure that can be used to deliver Layer 3 technologies. VPLS also includes:

    •    Quickly and cost-effectively add new branches to your corporate WAN
    •    Safe, fast, simple and very efficient network architecture designed for companies that need high throughput
    •    Lower costs of implementing, maintaining and managing the corporate WAN due to the smaller number of hardware solutions and routing protocols necessary to create it.
    •    Implementation, maintenance and management of an integrated WAN that does not require advanced knowledge of network solutions
    •    Greater control over data flow
    •    Flexibility and scalability of the company's WAN
    •    Possibility of transmission based on both IP and non-IP protocols
    •    Network performance guaranteed by SLA
  • Where will VPLS be suitable?

    • •    Securely integrate branch office LANs into a single corporate WAN
      •    Connecting to data centers and accessing cloud solutions
      •    Voice, image, video, data and Internet access
      •    Natural integration of IP VPN, MPLS and PtP networks
  • Netia VLPS price

    As part of the service, Netia ensures the execution of the project and the possibility of consulting with network engineers to develop a solution best suited to the needs and existing network infrastructure of the company.

    Netia also offers turnkey installations. This service includes the design, installation of network infrastructure, connection to the network and configuration of the systems used so far in the company.

    Due to the diverse scope of work, we are able to provide a detailed valuation of the solution after contacting a representative of Netia. Feel free to contact us during which we will try to propose a solution that best suits your needs.

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