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secure data transfer between company branches

Connect any number of your company's branches into one WAN network, thanks to which you will ensure your employees effective use of central applications and enable safe and fast data transfer.

High transfers guaranteed
With Netia IP VPN MPLS, you can connect any number of your company's branches located throughout Poland into one WAN network. The service is provided on symmetrical links, which allows for high data transfer and ensures your employees effective use of company applications.
Transmission encryption using GET (Group Encrypted Transport) VPN ensures secure data transfer between various WAN environments (WAN security) without the need for point-to-point (P2P, point-to-point to VPN) channels, thereby minimising delays in voice and video transmission.
Cost optimization
We will adapt the service strictly to the specifics of your company and, if necessary, we will configure the network bandwidth differently in each branch. There will be no need to expand the infrastructure or hire additional IT staff, thanks to which you will avoid unnecessary costs.
Simple management
The IP VPN MPLS service is fully managed by Netia, which will save your IT team a lot of time. We will ensure that your company's location is linked to the edge devices of our IP MPLS (PE) network based on links in various transmission technologies, depending on your needs.
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CoS and traffic prioritization
allowing optimal use of bandwidth
guaranteeing availability and quality of the service
Various transmission technologies
in which links can be implemented
enabling secure data transmission
Backup link
activated in the event of a primary link failure
Remote access
Possibility of remote working via the Internet

Network under control and fast data transmission

With Netia IP VPN MPLS you will connect company branches into a secure private network and streamline your business processes.

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Come and talk to us!
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  • What is a WAN?

    WAN (Wide Area Network) means "Wide Area Network". It is a geographically dispersed private telecommunications network that connects multiple local area networks (LANs) and covers areas of up to thousands of square kilometers. The WAN allows users to share access to applications, services and other centrally located resources, eliminating the need to deploy the same application server, firewall and other solutions in multiple locations.
  • What is the Netia IP VPN MPLS service and how does it work?

    IPVPN MPLS is a data transmission service dedicated to connecting remote local area networks (LANs) of a corporate client into a logical whole (WAN). The service uses all the advantages of the IP protocol, commonly used in the modern telecommunications world and meeting most of the needs related to the flow of information within the company. Instead of the currently widespread solutions based on leasing digital channels or FrameRelay or ATM services, the IPVPN service supported by the latest MPLS technology allows you to provide the best quality and reliability service addressed to the demanding business market.

    Netia IP VPN MPLS uses the Multi-Protocol Label Switching MPLS protocol, which allows you to create end-to-end connections based on any type of connection (ATM, leased lines, satellite links, wireless networks, etc.) and encrypted service of transmitted data using the GET technology VPN, using the principle of "trusted" network members. The solution provides high security because it is a private network separated from public networks.
  • Who is the Netia IP VPN MPLS service useful for?

    Netia IP VPN MPLS przyda się dla klienta:


    • Netia IP VPN MPLS will be useful for the customer:
      •    having many branches and a head office, who wants them to be connected with each other by a secure connection with high bandwidth, and who wants to have a separate network from the Internet,
      •    needing the ability to prioritize the traffic of specific data in the internal network, e.g. wants IP voice and databases to be handled in the first place, and the www as the last least key data,
      •    requiring high link reliability, SLA, CIR, QOS and COS guarantees,
      •    having only one link per location.
  • Can employees use the resources of the corporate network outside the company's headquarters?

    Yes, it is possible thanks to the Netia Remote Access service, which allows access to corporate network resources from anywhere in the world via the Internet. The service has been designed in such a way as to ensure the highest level of security of the corporate network and transmitted data. The distinguishing feature of the service is full security of access to the corporate network through the use of the mechanism of identification and authorization of users using the SecurID technology with the use of one-time tokens and the cryptographic mechanisms used for the transmitted data. The Netia Remote Access service is addressed to corporate customers who want to enable their employees to use corporate network resources outside the company's headquarters. An additional advantage of the service is the integrated application for managing user accounts, available from any web browser. Netia Remote Access is a service created as a complement to the portfolio of services based on MPLS technology.

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