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Netia Business VPN (virtual private network)

Optimal transmission for your needs

Connect all company locations into one virtual private network and transfer data via an encrypted, secure transmission tunnel.

Netia Biznes VPN allows you to provide your company with the highest security of data transmission, which is implemented through: a private network, separated from the Internet, CPE authorization on a copper line, IP address separation (including a fixed IP address) and independent routing between VPN networks (virtual private network ).
Remote work without the risk
Netia Biznes VPN will allow your employees to work remotely without any risk. A virtual private network allows company resources and applications to be made available only to authorized users and, moreover, in a manner invisible to unauthorized persons.
Cost optimisation
The costs of implementing and maintaining a VPN service are definitely lower than with a standard WAN. It will also allow you to reduce administrative costs related to the employment of IT specialists, as the virtual private network is fully managed by Netia.
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WAN service
fully managed 
by Netia
Linking the client's location to edge devices of Netia's MPLS (PE) network,
implemented on asymmetric BSA or LLU connections
Separation of VPN traffic
3 classes of traffic (CoS)
depending on your needs
On-line statistics
for website link monitoring
Guaranteed service parameters
by SLA agreement

Data transmission in a secure private network

Business VPN from Netia is a solution that will enable your company to send data through a secure transmission tunnel.

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Technological Partners:


  • Cisco

Netia Biznes VPN service classes

Voice class

The highest priority class, designed for the most demanding real-time applications, such as voice packet transport.

Business Data

A class designed for demanding client-server latency-sensitive business applications, such as SAP.


The lowest-priority class available on a best-effort basis for the transfer of non-critical data (i.e. Internet, e-mail).

Come and talk to us!
or call us at
+48 22 715 02 00
  • Netia VPN (Virtual Private Network)

    Virtual private networks, VPN, are an increasingly popular way of data transmission and sharing resources and applications only for authorized users and in a way that is invisible to unwanted people.

    VPN services allow you to work remotely without risking your company and data security. They can also be used to establish a secure and cost-effective connection of several different company locations into one shared network.
  • What is a VPN?

    In standard solutions, all computers in one office are connected to each other via a local LAN, which enables employees to transfer data and files as well as use company resources and applications.

    A VPN (virtual private network) allows you to do the same on a larger scale - it offers secure access to resources for people in geographically distant locations and minimizes the risk of eavesdropping on network traffic, intercepting sensitive data and installing malicious software, e.g. ransomware.

    A VPN is a secure, encrypted data transmission tunnel established by a VPN service that connects two networks, or a user and a network.
  • How does a VPN work?

    Business VPNs, instead of connecting to the network through an Internet service provider, create a secure, Internet-separated, encrypted tunnel that allows data transmission between company systems and employees who have access to them. They use telecommunications infrastructure for this, and in the case of Netia Biznes VPN - Netia's IP MPLS network.

    VPN technology also uses advanced methods of user and device authentication - to check whether it meets certain requirements called device posture - and strong data encryption algorithms.

    Thanks to this, the VPN service allows you to hide network traffic and transmit information securely. And because the data is encrypted, even if it is intercepted in some way, it will be unreadable to outsiders.
  • Use of a VPN-type network

    VPN prevents unauthorized people from eavesdropping on network traffic, regardless of whether a computer, tablet or phone is used. For this reason, VPN technology is widely used in corporate and corporate environments that typically use VPNs to provide remote workers with access to internal applications and data, or to create a single shared network connecting offices across multiple locations. The more so that VPN also allows you to establish a connection between two LAN networks operating in different technologies and create a secure corporate WAN network.

    The VPN service is designed especially for companies for which, in addition to fast transfer and secure network access, the reliability of the solution is also important.

    A VPN service allows you to:

    •    Connect geographically dispersed branches using a secure, encrypted connection, especially since the implementation of VPN services does not require large investments in infrastructure and allows you to quickly connect new branches and new employees.
    •    Connect LAN networks operating in different technologies.
    •    Quickly respond to the needs of the company and quickly implement the necessary solutions.
    •    Create a multimedia network that allows you to implement Unified Communications communication tools.
    •    Protect your corporate network from DDoS attacks, hacker attacks, identity theft and sensitive data.
    •    Perfect for enabling employees to work safely remotely.
    •    Allows you to monitor network performance.

  • The VPN service

    Business Netia VPN is designed for medium and large companies and corporations, providing secure remote access to corporate resources. The service is available in 3 classes: Voice, Business Data and Data.

    •    The Voice class is designed for the most demanding users and applications where real-time operation is necessary (e.g. teleconferencing).
    •    The Business Data class is dedicated to advanced business applications where the lack of delays in client-server solutions (e.g. SAP) is extremely important.
    •    The Data class is used to handle non-critical data transmission, such as e-mail or data.
    As part of the VPN service, Netia:
    •    provides access to an asymmetric access link in a private network separated from the Internet with CPE authorization.
    •    handles most of the tasks related to the administration of network devices and the WAN network, as well as connecting the user's location to the edge devices of Netia's IP MPLS network.
  • Benefits of a VPN

    A VPN protects your corporate intranet connections and sensitive data from unauthorized access. The Biznes Netia VPN service ensures privacy and security, as well as:

    •    Reliable communication between branches and company employees through a private, Internet-isolated, encrypted tunnel.
    •    Flexibility, because it allows you to configure the network bandwidth for each branch separately and change it if necessary
    •    Cost optimization.
    •    The costs of implementing and maintaining the Biznes Netia VPN service are definitely lower than the amounts needed to implement and maintain a standard WAN network. The more so that the Biznes Netia VPN service is managed by Netia, which means that its client can significantly reduce the administrative costs associated with maintaining IT staff.
    •    VPN services are scalable and can grow with the company, ensuring secure data transmission for a growing group of employees.
  • The price of the VPN

    The scope of Netia's responsibilities resulting from the implementation and maintenance of the VPN network changes due to specific solutions, different client devices, and the number of locations. Different network bandwidth requirements and class of service.

    Therefore, we invite you to contact a representative of Netia, during which we will propose a solution that best suits your needs.

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