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Netia Colocation of servers

Your servers in our Data Center

Move your own servers to Netia's Data Center facilities to gain greater security and efficiency of IT systems and optimize IT costs in your company. Take advantage of the server colocation service from Netia.

In Netia's Data Center facilities with advanced security systems and power redundancy, thanks to the server collocation service, your company resources will be safe and constantly available - even in the event of a power outage or failure. Your servers in our colocation center are an investment in business security.
You can freely change the size of the colocation space in our data centers depending on the needs of your company. Thanks to this, you gain freedom of action and get rid of the risk of overinvesting on the server colocation service.
Relieving the IT department
The server colocation service will allow your IT team to focus on projects supporting the company's development instead of modernizing, inspecting or repairing the technical infrastructure. Our experts from the Netia colocation center will take care of all this.
Using the server room collocation service and transferring servers to the colocation center, you get rid of the costs of maintaining your own infrastructure. You have a fixed monthly fee for the space you occupy and electricity bills on favorable terms.
Modern Data Center
with safety certificates and green energy supply
Reinforced protection
access control, personal locks, 24h monitoring
Redundant systems
ensuring business continuity and security of IT resources
Efficient connection
based on fiber optic cables
High quality of services
guaranteed by the SLA agreement
Technical assistance
in Remote Hands mode by 365/7/24

Security and cost-effectiveness in one

Netia Colocation of servers is a safe space for corporate IT resources and greater profitability for your business. Colocation of servers from Netia is a great convenience and savings!

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Own server room
The cost of construction is 100-200 thousand PLN per rack cabinet (depending on the scale and Data Center standard)
Maintenance of technical infrastructure (modernization, inspections, repairs)
Employment of technical staff
Much higher electricity costs and inefficient cooling
Enable collocation
Your servers in Netia's Data Center
No costly investments to build a server room
Netia maintains and modernizes the infrastructure
A team of experts constantly monitors the security of systems in the Data Center
Very low cost of electricity
Disable collocation
  • Server collocation - what is it?

    Server collocation is a service consisting in placing servers or other ICT devices in dedicated collocation chambers in one of several Netia Data Centers. The collocation chambers were made to ensure continuity of power supply, optimal climatic conditions (temperature, air humidity), physical and fire safety, monitoring and access to Netia's network.
  • I have my own server room. Why do I need server colocation?

    As part of the server collocation service, you can rent a rack cabinet or a single module in a rack cabinet, depending on the current business needs. Using economies of scale, the service allows you to achieve a higher level of security than in your own server room, while reducing IT costs (e.g. related to the employment of IT specialists). What's more, colocation centers provide better protection against power failures due to the redundancy of the systems. They also guarantee faster recovery of the system in the event of a failure thanks to numerous data backups and fast network solutions. Companies that decide to co-locate servers receive in the package:

    - Lower costs of energy and fast internet connection, resulting from better price conditions in the case of a large energy consumer, such as Netia, and from sharing costs with other tenants.
    - Fast, reliable and redundant network connection 24/7/365,
    using high-quality fiber optic cables.
    - Physical, electrical and environmental safety.
    - Safety certificates.
    - Long-term stability, flexibility and scalability.
    - 24/7 remote technical support.
  • Jakie świadczenia obejmuje kolokacja serwerów?

    As part of the server collocation service, you can:
    - lease a collocation chamber in one of Netia's Data Centers
    - lease the Rack Module, consisting of a 47U rack cabinet
    - reserve a Rack Module, i.e. select a specific rack cabinet or space for one rack that cannot be leased to another entity for the duration of the contract
    - lease the U Module, consisting of a 1U space in a shared 47U rack cabinet
    - reserve the U Module in a specific place with a height of 1U in a shared rack cabinet, which cannot be leased to another entity for the duration of the contract
    - separate reserved and leased Rack Modules with a light cage from the ceiling to the proper floor - cages and additional installations (e.g. additional cameras) are priced individually and their cost is added to the installation fee
    - use the technical staff support service (Remote Hands)
  • What is the minimum colocation space I can rent?

    Companies can flexibly expand the occupied space in the data center, instead of investing in costly infrastructure expansion, or reduce it when the situation requires it. This is especially important for new, developing companies that can use the saved funds for their own development. The minimum colocation space that can be rented in Netia's Data Center is a 1U module.
  • What is the cost of the server collocation service?

    Server colocation services involve fixed fees for the available space in the data center. This space is measured in U units, in the number of leased racks or in the size of the dedicated space.

    Note that most servers take 1 to 4 U of the rack. Other costs incurred by the customer are fees for the electricity used, charged in the form of a flat rate or based on meter readings, as well as fees related to the bandwidth and type of telecommunications connection.

    Colocation prices depend on many parameters, so please contact our consultants who will propose the best solutions and present an individual calculation.
  • How are electricity bills calculated?

    Electricity can be billed on the basis of a fixed flat fee (Energy Package) or a variable fee depending on actual consumption (Measurement Fee). Settlement takes place on a monthly basis. Irrespective of the method of settling electricity under the Server Collocation Service Order, the Reserved Power Allocation for each Module must be declared, as the total power allocation for the collocation chamber is limited.

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