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Netia Cloud Firewall

Comprehensive protection for your Internet connection

Ensure the protection of Internet traffic in your company with Netia Cloud Firewall, allowing your employees to use the network without worrying about cyber threats.

Comprehensive protection
The Cloud Firewall allows redirection of all IP traffic of the Netia BDI service user in a way that both outgoing and incoming communication can be protected by Next Generation Firewall mechanisms. With the help of a firewall centrally located in Netia's cloud and shared by many users (while maintaining separate IP addresses), it is possible to comprehensively protect a permanent connection from Netia.
With Netia Cloud Firewall (Next Generation Firewall), you have the ability to restrict employees' access to selected websites and web applications, so they can use the network without fear of being infected by malware or ransomware. You also get access to reports depicting the scale of cyberattacks on your organization and defensive actions taken, so you can more consciously protect your company’s network.
Continuity of operation
We ensure high availability of the service and SLA parameters, coincide with the SLA variant for the secured link. With the Next Generation Firewall service, your company will always be protected against cyber threats and thus gain confidence in the continuity of its business systems.
Netia's Cloud Firewall service is available in an attractively priced subscription model, which means no capital expenditure when you launch it. What's more, by protecting your company's Internet connection with Next Generation Firewall, you can save a lot of money because you don't have to hire a person responsible for cybersecurity.
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Cloud Firewall functionalities
Provides hardware-based protection against the latest network threats with a dynamically updated database of known threats, signatures and behavioral patterns. It makes the network unreachable for any hacking attempts.
AntyVirus (AV)
It scans files for viruses, worms, trojans and other malware. AV has its own dynamically updated signature database used to identify infections. Thanks to it, malicious files will not get into the client's network.
Application Control (AC)
Recognition of applications requesting access to the Internet and the ability to block communication for unwanted or harmful applications.

Blocking apps that are harmful or negatively impacting employee productivity. Traffic management using white and black-listing modules. Grouping employees in terms of permissions to individual applications.
Web Filtering 
Unrestricted access to the network can lead to abuse by employees, including violations of security policies and the promotion of illegal content. Web filtering allows you to block using content-control engines that group websites into categories, e.g. gambling, social media, adult content.

Blocking employees' access to harmful and useless websites, which improves their productivity, as well as managing the bandwidth of the Internet connection.
Cloud Sandbox
Ability to launch (explode) selected suspicious files in an isolated environment in the cloud to check (detect) their potentially malicious behavior.

Sandbox simulates the conditions of the client's standard network (environment).
All suspicious files are "detonated" in a simulated environment, and if their behavior is undesirable or arouses suspicion (e.g. attack), they are blocked.
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Anti-malware/ Anti-virus
Blocking malware, including ransomware
Blocking unwanted emails
Protection against intruders
Blocking attempts to hack into the LAN
Blocking botnet traffic
Block traffic between infected devices and C&C
Blocking by geolocation
Filtering traffic by geolocation of the source or destination address
Web/DNS filtering
Block access to selected websites/DNS queries
Application access control
Ability to create policies to identify, block or restrict application usage
File analysis in a virtual environment (ADVANCED variant)
High level of service
SLA parameters as for the BDI service

Protecting your internet connection from cyber threats

Netia Cloud Firewall is a solution with which you will provide comprehensive protection of a symmetrical Internet connection in your company against cyber threats.

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STANDARD variant
In this variant, Customer are terminated in a common NGFW instance and all service activities, e.g. traffic filtering and reporting are carried out with accuracy to their prefix. In this variant of the service, there is no insight into the behavior of individual computers in the customer's network.
ADVANCED variant
In this variant, each Client is assigned to a separate NGFW instance. Filtering access to the network, applications and extensive reporting of security events, which is possible with accuracy to a single IP address on the Customer's LAN. To provide the full functionality of the Advanced variant, client traffic must reach the operator's cloud server without address filtering and masking.
  • What is Cloud Firewall?

    Cloud Firewall:
    •    It is the basic form of protection of any organization against cyber threats
    •    Protects internal LAN networks against unauthorized access from the outside (so-called Internet point of contact protection)
    •    Includes tasks such as filtering incoming and outgoing connections and thus denying access requests deemed unsafe
    •    It is implemented based on a UTM class device installed in Netia's cloud
  • What cyber threats does the Netia Cloud Firewall protect against?

    Netia Cloud Firewall protects against cyber threats such as viruses, malware, spam or attacks using dictionary methods.
  • Who manages and configures the Netia Cloud Firewall service?

    The Netia Cloud Firewall service is maintained and managed by Netia specialists. A qualified team of security engineers monitors the operation of your Cloud Firewall 24 hours a day.
  • Can my company use the Netia Cloud Firewall service if it does not have an access line from Netia?

    No, the service is available only on BDI lines from Netia.
  • Does Netia Cloud Firewall allow remote access to company resources?

    No, if your company/organization needs remote access to company resources, you should use the Netia Managed UTM service.