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Netia Managed UTM

Comprehensive protection against cyber threats

A solution based on a new generation firewall that effectively protects users and network resources against cyber threats. Adjust the scope of protection to the needs of your company.

With an UTM (Unified Threat Management) class solution, you gain multi-layered protection of corporate LAN resources against most cyber threats. Thanks to this, all devices connected to your network, including those used by people working remotely, are protected against cyberattacks.
Full control
As part of the service, you receive reports showing the scale of cyberattacks on your company and the defensive actions taken. Thanks to this, you can fully control the company's network and consciously limit access to harmful applications and websites.
Netia Managed UTM gives you access to the latest cybersecurity solutions from leading manufacturers in the world, all in an attractive subscription model. For your company, this means no need to hire a cybersecurity specialist. What’s more, it decreases your costs.
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Next Generation Firewall
Next level protection
Intrusion Prevention System
Protection against cyberattacks
Cloud Sandbox
Verification of suspicious files
Protection against malware
Application Control/Website Filtering
Block access to harmful applications/websites
Safe remote working
A secure, encrypted tunnel between remote workers and the corporate LAN

The first line of defense against cyber threats

Netia Managed UTM is a comprehensive protection of your company against cyber threats on the Internet.

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Netia Managed UTM 

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  • What does it mean that UTM is managed?

    This means that the service is maintained and managed by Netia - a qualified team of cybersecurity engineers monitors the operation of your UTM device in 365/7/24 mode.
  • What is the Netia Managed UTM service?

    The Netia Managed UTM service protects the internal LAN against unauthorized access from the outside (the so-called protection of the point of contact with the Internet) and is a basic form of protection for every organization against cyber threats, e.g. in e-commerce. Her tasks include filtering outgoing and incoming connections and thus denying access requests considered dangerous.
  • What cyber threats does Netia Managed UTM protect against?

    Netia Managed UTM protects against cyber threats such as viruses, malware, spam or attacks using dictionary methods.
  • Can my company use the Netia Managed UTM service if it does not have an access line from Netia?

    Yes, the service is available both on access lines from Netia and other operators.
  • Does Netia Managed UTM allow remote access to company resources?

    Yes, the service allows you to run up to 5 site-to-site VPN tunnels, providing secure access to company resources through encrypted tunnels. It also allows you to run up to 100 user-to-site VPN tunnels, i.e. secure, encrypted communication between two or more networks, devices and locations (possibility to organize remote work for employees).
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