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The best connection for your business

Internet for companies offered by Netia

netia bdi

Netia BDI

Permanent symmetrical connection for companies

Fast symmetrical Internet with guaranteed bandwidth, so your business is always online. You can adjust the parameters of the service to your current business needs.

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netia giganet

Netia GigaNet

Gigafast asymmetric Internet for your business

Permanent, asymmetric and unlimited data transfer, high-speed Internet connection, thanks to which you can connect your company to the Internet in the simplest and cheapest way.

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Technical parameters
  • Guaranteed data upload and download speed in accordance with the service purchased
  • High capacity of lines in a backbone network
  • Rapid data transfer in the domestic and international traffic
  • Dedicated lines with the rest of the world and other operators as reserved for Netia customers only
  • A pool of static external IP addresses after completing a RIPE request
  • High-performance router with the possibility of connecting the customer's LAN – the device installed and managed by Netia.

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Internet for companies

Netia's offer for business customers

Speed, reliability and security - these are the features that companies expect from an Internet connection. Today, the network is an essential element of the functioning of virtually every business. It enables the coordination of internal processes, remote work or contacts with contractors and clients. A company that does not use a proven connection with good parameters is exposed to delays and various types of losses resulting from them.

From the point of view of maintaining business continuity, it is important to make sure that the Internet for companies used by a given enterprise has parameters corresponding to the current needs and which can be freely changed along with its development. It is therefore worth choosing an Internet provider, bearing in mind a flexible approach to the client.

Internet to the office

Which corporate Internet will be suitable for a given enterprise depends on its size and nature of business. Fast internet for companies can be divided into two categories, differing in certain parameters. Among them is the asymmetric Internet, which is still used by many, mostly smaller companies. It is characterized by different upload and download speeds, with the bandwidth being lower when sending data to the network than when downloading it. The second service available on the market is symmetric Internet, which has the same upload and download speed.

The advantage of an asymmetric link is the price, often significantly lower than that offered in the case of a symmetric link. The low speed of sending data is not an obstacle for companies that use the network mainly to communicate with contractors or run limited e-commerce activities. Such an asymmetric connection is often the best choice for small enterprises looking for a secure and stable Internet for the office.

Netia offers asymmetric, unlimited broadband Internet for companies as part of the Netia GigaNet service. The service uses the transmission network of Netia and other domestic operators to ensure adequate capacity and fast data transfer in domestic and international traffic. Customers using Netia GigaNet gain 24/7 access to technical support, the ability to obtain a permanent, public IP address and an efficient router, installed and managed by Netia, which can be connected to your own LAN.

Netia GigaNet is the perfect Internet for a company that is looking for an economical connection that guarantees high speed of data download as well as quick and simple installation. The service includes packages that can be changed at any time depending on the current needs of the company.

Corporate internet

Fixed-line Internet for companies, based on a symmetrical connection, is a better choice for business customers who use the network intensively. The solution is characterized by reliability, speed and high speed of sending and downloading data. These are the features that a link should have for companies whose activities involve the need to frequently send large files to the cloud or to a server, run online stores, numerous video conferences or streaming.



It is to such users that the Business Internet Access service is dedicated, i.e. broadband, symmetrical Internet without limits for companies. The Netia BDI connection allows you to increase the efficiency and comfort of work, it also provides greater reliability and security. On request, the location selected by the customer can be connected to two independent links, ensuring uninterrupted data transfer in the event of a failure of one of them. The parameters of the service are specified in the SLA (Service Level Agreement) concluded with the client, guaranteeing the continuity and speed of the link.

The service is based on a modern, efficient backbone and access network. This guarantees the highest throughput, even during periods of particularly high data traffic. As part of the Netia BDI service, customers have access to 24/7 assistance from the Netia network management center. So they can count on quick diagnosis and removal of a possible failure.


Fast Internet for Business

Regardless of whether the customer decides on a solution based on a symmetric or asymmetric link, Netia guarantees the highest service parameters and a full range of technical support. It also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of a wide range of additional services, dedicated exclusively to business customers.

Unlimited business internet is available in both services - Netia GigaNet and Netia BD. Connections based on Netia's backbone network also provide the option of encrypting data transmission. Their safety and reliability are guaranteed by the aforementioned SLA agreements concluded with the client.

As part of Netia's offer, full scalability of connections is possible, thanks to which enterprises can adjust their parameters to their needs. The speeds offered as part of Internet services for companies from Netia reach up to 1GB/s for an asymmetric link (Netia GigaNet) and up to 100GB/s for a symmetric link (Netia BDI).

Internet services for the company provided by Netia allow to reduce the company's IT costs and improve the work efficiency of its employees. The price of the solution includes the cost of the router, as well as support with installation, configuration and device management.

Netia customers can additionally take advantage of a package of solutions protecting the corporate network against threats such as data theft or installation of malware and ransomware. In order to ensure the security and confidentiality of information processed in a given company, a UTM device can be installed at the junction of the Internet and its internal LAN. It combines firewalls, SSL control, antivirus systems and VPN service, thus ensuring effective protection against various types of attacks.

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