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Netia WLAN

Netia WLAN

The power of the Internet and advertising in space

A reliable Internet connection and an effective marketing tool to promote your company and products.

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Efektywny system obiegu dokumentów

Efficient document circulation system

Automation of correspondence handling

A unique solution ensuring efficient handling of various incoming and outgoing correspondence.

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Serwer statystyk

Netia Statistics Server

Statistics all in one place

Access to the monitoring of services in the Netia network from the level of a web browser in order to verify their operation.

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Netia Content Delivery Network

Netia Content Delivery Network

A video content distribution platform

A professional content distribution platform that allows you to deliver video to end users via the Internet.

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IT solutions with a guarantee of success
As a proven provider of ICT solutions, we will take care of the security and stability of your network. We will also help to streamline company business processes and make it easier for your marketing message to reach end users via the Internet. As part of our services, you will receive the support of IT specialists whenever you need and the ability to independently monitor services in one place. With us you will start to act safer, faster and more effectively.

Get to know our IT solutions and choose the ones best suited to your needs.

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IT Solutions


IT Solutions. Netia for business.


Production, administration, sales or marketing - each of these areas of functioning of a modern company is based on appropriate IT tools. The recent increase in the importance of IT departments and their expansion with new competences is associated with large financial outlays and difficulties in employing suitably qualified employees.


The process of digitization and implementation of new IT solutions in the company, such as electronic document flow in the "paperless" model or electronic signature, is just the beginning of the road to digital transformation. Comprehensive ICT solutions offered by Netia will help in managing the company's resources and tools. As part of them, you can get IT support for companies, which guarantees the use of best practices and reliable solutions, flexibly tailored to the current needs of the organization.


IT solutions services from Netia help to increase the efficiency of the organization and provide a wide range of possible cooperation models. They are adapted to enterprises of various sizes, and in particular to those that do not have sufficient IT support internally.


IT solutions for companies


Netia's offer includes many solutions that help to take full advantage of modern IT tools in business. Among them are e.g. comprehensive services that allow you to create a digital workplace (Digital Workplace), such as Netia Paperless, which enables digitization of business processes and management of electronic document flow in the company.


This solution definitely improves the processes taking place in the company and facilitates contact with customers or contractors. The ability to send documents signed electronically makes concluding contracts or submitting offers much faster and more effective than in the case of traditional, paper-based procedures. It also allows for much more convenient and faster contact with customers or contractors. Along with the efficiency and speed of operation, it is important to save time and resources spent on administrative activities in the company.

The Netia Paperless solution ensures greater security resulting from the possibility of centralizing document handling, recording all activities performed on them and creating an extensive authorization system for designated users. This is an effective protection against fraud and data leakage.



Video solutions for business


For companies that use and send multimedia materials in their operations, Netia Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a complete solution - convenient and effective management of video content delivered to end users via the Internet..


A professional and at the same time easy-to-use video content management system, it gives you the opportunity to monitor user activity, plan future activities and implement a marketing strategy. The largest recipient of these solutions are companies that provide multimedia content on demand to their subscribers.


WLAN solutions


Freedom of operation in business and support for marketing activities are provided by the Netia WLAN solution, which helps to create secure, stable wireless Internet networks for the needs of customers and employees. As part of this service, you can design scalable WiFi networks, including offices, retail outlets or service facilities.

Netia WLAN enables uninterrupted access to company resources and the Internet, regardless of the user's location. In addition, based on Netia's WiFi network, you can create a Wifi Marketing platform that allows you to direct marketing messages to selected WiFi network users. Thanks to this solution, the effectiveness of promotional activities, e.g. of stores within the network's reach, significantly increases.

As part of the various services offered by Netia, customers also receive access to the Statistics Server, which monitors their services operating in Netia's network. Equipped with a convenient interface, the system, available online from anywhere in the world 24/7, measures the parameters of all devices covered by a given service, including IoT devices, and creates analyzes of their effectiveness.


Customers using comprehensive IT solutions from Netia receive constant support from experts and technicians at various stages of the decision-making process, implementation and use. The high scalability of Netia's solutions allows them to be flexibly adapted to the needs and capabilities of each enterprise, as well as to changing business conditions.


We invite you to contact Netia's experts who will advise on the selection of solutions and, together with the client, will create an individual project tailored to the needs of the organization.

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