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Netia Statistics Server

All in one

Statistics and monitoring in the network as part of one service, thanks to which all devices in your company will be under control.

Statistics for various needs
The Statistics Server enables the Customer to access the monitoring of services in Netia's network and to verify their operation.

Advantages of the solution


Accessible and user-friendly interface, intuitive operation and modern design.


The ability to monitor any device or service in the Netia network that is able to send feedback and check any parameters and elements of services.


Displaying data and various parameters in one window with the ability to compare them, change the time range and the appearance of charts. Ready to monitor and support IoT solutions.

Online monitoring

Access to the Statistics Server from anywhere - logging in from a web browser.

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Measurements in the form of tables and dynamic charts with the possibility of:
  • convenient and quick change of the date range to which the statistics refer
  • displaying different statistics on one chart for comparison
  • filtering statistics in order to display only data relevant to the user
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