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The power of the Internet and advertising in space

Provide your company with wireless Internet access and at the same time reach your customers with effective advertising – all within one easy-to-use platform.

Netia WLAN provides secure and stable Internet access for your customers, which supports the sale of the services you offer, as well as an encrypted WiFi connection for your employees, which allows them to use company resources from anywhere in the office.
Reaching customers effectively
You get a 2-in-1 service – a flexible turnkey network solution oraz profesjonalne and a professional marketing tool for profiling customers and targeting them with advertising content. You will gain a source of valuable knowledge that you will use to develop your company and sales offer.
Management of the WLAN network is carried out through an easy-to-use platform in 24/7/365 mode, which ensures continuity of work and business, log monitoring and their collection in Netia's Data Center. The platform allows you to control the link , thanks to which any attempts to abuse it will be blocked (e.g. sending files that are too burdensome).
Cost optimization
With Netia WLAN you can scale your WiFi network according to your current needs, without having to invest „in reserve”. What's more, you will save money on advertising campaigns, because through the marketing platform, available in the price of the service, you will effectively reach customers with your company's offer.
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Additional options
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Wireless network connection and advertising in one

Netia WLAN is a reliable connection to the Internet and an effective marketing tool with which you can promote your company and services.

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How does Netia WLAN work?


  • Internet without limit
  • secure connection

Digital Marketing

  • advertising
  • promotion
  • social media
  • remarketing
  • loyalization


  • statistics
  • any number of subnets
  • secure connection
  • continuity of work
  • roaming, mobility

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  • What is WLAN?

    WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) is a wireless local network in which connections between network devices are made in Wi-Fi technology, without the use of wires. Configuration of all service parameters and access to logs and statistics is done through the administration panel from anywhere on the Internet.

    WLAN from Netia is a professional, scalable service that does not require additional computers and servers. WLAN uses Wi-Fi access points (Access Points) installed in the Internet access point indicated by users. Netia's wireless network can be configured using the 2.4 GHz frequency (most often used in popular routers available on the market) or 5.6 GHz (more stable operation due to less interference).
  • What can the Netia WLAN service be used for?

    Netia WLAN gives you the opportunity to build a wireless network in your company.
  • What elements does the Netia WLAN service include?

    The WLAN service includes the following:
    • Access Points (abbreviated as AP), i.e. devices that provide wireless access to the network. Possibility of roaming between APs (when walking around the area, the user is automatically switched from one AP to another without losing the connection, both in data and VoIP transmission). If one of the APs fails, the others automatically increase their transmission power to cover the area served by the failed AP.
    • A subnet in the WLAN network (creating several different SSIDs, i.e. visible wireless networks, and granting users of these networks different permissions). Thanks to this, you can set up a secure tunneled and encrypted VPN connection, e.g. for cafes, restaurants, and it provides secure connections to payment card terminals, cash registers (Personal Card Interface certification).
    • Bandwidth control – the functionality of the platform available in the Netia WLAN offer makes it possible to limit the bandwidth used, which means that the bandwidth will not be abused by people who would like to download very large files (e.g. movies) or send attachments that load the bandwidth too much.
    • Access link backup - Access Point can be supplied with any Internet (from Netia or from another operator) or via mobile Internet (Internet access, fixed and mobile, is additionally payable). The GSM connection can be used as a backup in case of failure of the permanent link.
    • Access to statistics – the service allows you to measure statistics from the number of visits and the use of WiFi access on a monthly, weekly, daily basis (number of users per day, data sent).
    • Marketing tool – enabling directing advertisements with Netia's client's offer to a selected user using a Wi-Fi network. A user who connects to the free Internet will first see a website indicated by Netia's client as a start page (eg company website) or a short 5s video clip or a window with a survey to be completed.
  • Is WiFi within Netia WLAN safe?

    Wi-Fi provided as part of Netia WLAN is completely safe. Netia, as the operator, is obliged to record and collect user logins to the network, and to make this data available to the relevant services in the event of abuse on the Internet committed by a person using Wifi.
  • What is WiFi Roaming?

    The client, moving between the range of different APs, does not lose the signal, network coverage and additionally maintains an ongoing Internet access session, thanks to which, for example, when downloading files from the Internet, the download continues, and during a VOIP call the connection is not interrupted.
  • How is WLAN different from a regular router?

    WLAN is:
    • Building a wireless network based on more than one Access Point (AP).
    • Possibility of roaming between APs (when walking around the entire area, the user is automatically switched from one AP to another without losing the connection, both in data and SIP transmission).
    • The ability to set up secure tunneled and encrypted VPN connections for professional users (if any), e.g. cafes, restaurants, etc.
    • In case of failure of any of the APs, the remaining APs automatically increase the transmit power to cover the area that was served by the damaged / inactive AP.
    • Advanced methods of secure user authentication (standard encryption, the possibility of separating subnets, one authentication on all APs).
    • Secure connections certified to the level of Personal Card Interface (possibility to connect payment card terminals, cash registers, etc.).
    • Very high system performance and security (allows you to connect wireless cameras to monitor the area covered by the signal).
  • What are the benefits of the Netia WLAN service?

    WLAN from Netia provides:
    • relieving the client's IT team, as it is a „turnkey”service, under which Netia's specialists analyze, design, implement and, finally, maintain 24/7/365 supervision over the entire network.
    • better content matching for customers due to the analytics of data from WiFi users.
    • flexibility, because the service can be delivered in different models, with local or central - cloud management of the WLAN infrastructure, depending on the size and characteristics of the implementation.
    • security, because the platform used in the service, apart from access to WiFi, also offers access restrictions to the internal network and content on the Internet.
    • reliability, because the service is based on solutions of reputable and proven brands of WLAN providers (including HPE, Commscope, Huawei).
  • Who uses Netia WLAN?

    The WLAN network is mainly used by hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and large-format stores, airports, gas stations and other entities that provide Internet access to their customers.

    Among the customers using Netia WLAN, there are e.g. one of the largest shopping centers in Poland. It is equipped with a reliable WLAN network (over 300 Access Points) with data analytics and indoor location.

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