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Netia Customer Service

Efficient and friendly customer service

Based on the combination of the Call Center system, helpline and existing solutions in your company, create perfect customer service - fast, effective and tailored to your needs.

Netia Customer Service means many models of cooperation based on non-standard projects implemented to your company's expectations. We incorporate the solutions you already have. Thanks to this, we simultaneously improve the service process and optimize costs.
Multi-channel support
We enable support via multiple communication channels (voice, mail, text messages), which ensures convenient and effective contact with your company. This has a positive effect on customer satisfaction, which increases the chance of selling your services or products.
Outstanding quality
High standards of customer service are ensured by constant training and monitoring of consultants' work quality based on a modern analytical tool. So you can be sure that your customers will get the help they need - also in English.
365/7/24 availability
The service is provided 365/7/24 and from 9 independent locations. Thanks to this, your customers will be served at any time and without downtime, because even in the event of a failure, the Call Center system will switch from one location to another, thus maintaining business continuity.
A speech analytics system
that verifies and improves the quality of customer service
Calls recording
keeping recordings for any period of time
IVR system
to manage incoming traffic
Interactive outgoing campaigns
with personalization for the client
Outgoing campaigns - dialer
enabling contact with a large database of numbers
with full call center work statistics

The ideal Call Centre

Netia Customer Service is an efficient and friendly customer service based on the latest technological solutions.

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The National Health Fund
Support for the helpline of the National Program of Vaccination against COVID-19 in the Call Center system
  • What distinguishes the Netia Customer Service offer?

    Netia Customer Service is:
    - 25 years of experience in customer service and the latest technologies. We provide a flexible solution for service in the Call Center system
    - Automatic service systems using solutions and technology used on a daily basis in the work of people from Netia's Service Centres
    - 9 locations where inbound and outbound customer service can be provided. Security in accordance with the standards used in collocation centers.
    - Use of the Nice Nexidia Analytics tool, which provides insight into customer interactions and enables informed decisions about day-to-day operations, resulting in excellent service and customer satisfaction when using the customer service center.
    - Technologically advanced, scalable IP telephony, which allows to offer customers virtually unlimited, in terms of scalability, hotlines that can be reached at any time.
  • What does Netia Customer Service provide?

    As part of the Netia Customer Service, it is possible to:
    - implementing of non-standard projects that meet individual customer requirements,
    - solving crisis situations in the event of a surplus of incoming traffic to the customer's hotline,
    - launching outsourcing support for companies and institutions in a very short time and remote communication with clients,
    - creating a team to operate the hotline together with a call center system that will handle incoming calls, perform consumer research, arrange visits or update databases,
    - connection of Netia's technological solution with the client's infrastructure.

    Netia provides:
    - appropriate resources and tools to run the service in a 24/7 system
    - receiving and making phone calls and e-mails by consultants and processing them according to established rules and procedures
    - making the system available and processing applications in it
    - infrastructure for training consultants
    - telecommunication channels dedicated to the client, such as: backing numbers,
    - consultants with knowledge of foreign languages
    - customer service standards
    - monitoring the quality of consultants' work
  • Who is Netia Customer Service designed for?

    Netia Customer Service is designed for companies of all sizes and industries that want to improve their call centre customer service, conduct an information campaign, survey or opinion poll.

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