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Increasing the security of the IT environment in the company

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Does the sudden paralysis of your IT systems caused by a DDoS attack mean financial losses for you? How to remedy this?
Netia DDoS Protection ensures constant monitoring of your network traffic and effective stopping of a DDoS attack. More about Netia DDoS Protection.
Are you afraid that a power outage will stop your servers from working and you will lose customers due to the inability to fulfill orders? How to remedy this?
Netia's Data Center includes, among others: redundant generators and battery backup that guarantee the continuity of operation of your systems. More about Netia Data Center.
Does the abrupt loss of business data pose a threat to the continuity of your business operations? How to remedy this?
Netia Data Protection will effectively protect your business data. You will recover any data from applications, databases, virtual environments, file systems, as well as from your computer. More about Netia Data Protection.
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