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Netia Smart Building

Flexible resource management in the office and building

One easy-to-use application with which you can plan the number of people in the office, book desks and determine the availability of parking spaces. Quickly, efficiently and conveniently.

Safe office
Netia Smart Building will help you manage workplaces (hot desks, conference rooms) and, if necessary, help you maintain social distance in your office. Smart buildings also allow you to control the availability of parking spaces, thanks to which your employees and guests can easily park their cars.  
Easy access to information
Your smart office is up to date with important messages. Previewing the availability status and the ability to conduct satisfaction surveys will facilitate team management and ensure the comfort of your employees in the office.
Fast reporting of problems
With Netia Smart Building, you can easily manage reported problems and provide the necessary support to employees, thanks to which they will not waste time looking for solutions on their own and thus return to their tasks faster.
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Convenient office management
and office supplies from your browser
SaaS model (Software as a Service)
solution available wherever you need it
with other systems in the office (e.g. corporate mail) and in the building (e.g. access control)
Conference rooms booking
for effective meeting management
Desk booking app
for employees (while maintaining the necessary social distance)
Reservation of parking spaces
for employees and guests

One application for many tasks

Netia Smart Building is all the functionalities for managing office resources in one mobile application, with which you can create your own smart building.

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  • What is Netia Smart Building (intelligent building)?

    Netia Smart Building - an intelligent building is an office application that improves the booking of rooms, desks and parking spaces, the transmission of requests, communication between employees, finding the most important places in the office and co-workers.

    Netia Smart Building is a solution that can be used in the office version as well as in the building version (smart buildings.
  • How is the Netia Smart Building application licensed?

    The application is licensed per user, so the cost depends on the number of employees in the company.
  • What is the cost of the system implementation?

    The cost of system implementation is agreed individually with each client, as it depends on their needs.
  • How long does the implementation take?

    The duration of the implementation depends on the selected modules and functionalities, as well as the size of the company or building where the service is to be available. If the customer is interested in the functionalities available within the application and the project does not include integration, delivery and installation of hardware, a typical implementation lasts up to 4 weeks, but this time may be shortened to single working days depending on the scope of implementation.
  • Do you have to implement all functional modules at once?

    There's no need to. You can start with the basic functionalities and later gradually expand the solution with additional modules if necessary.
  • Is there a web version of the application for the end user?

    Yes, there is a web version of the application. The user has the option of booking a desk (desk booking system), a room or a parking space via the website, and has access to the calendar and office map. In the web version, we also have an administration panel. The application itself is available in a mobile version for Android and iOS devices.
  • In how many languages is the app available?

    The application works in Polish and English. The application can also be extended to other languages if necessary. You can ask a Netia representative about the currently available language versions.
  • In how many languages is the Netia Smart Building application available?

    The Netia Smart Building application (intelligent building) works in Polish and English. The application can also be extended to other languages if necessary. You can ask a Netia representative about the currently available language versions.
  • We are changing the office next year, does the implementation of Netia Smart Building make sense now?

    Yes, it makes sense. At the beginning, we can implement the office application itself, a virtual reception, a virtual employee card, and in the new office we can extend the implementation with further functionalities, e.g. presence sensors and screens for booking rooms. The service is provided in the SaaS model and is not tied to any physical location - this means that if you change the office in the application, you can change the description of the new office and only update the descriptions of the rooms, parking spaces, desks and continue using the solution.
  • How does the solution relate to data protection (GDPR) and does the application track employees?

    The Netia Smart Building solution - the smart building respects the principles of data protection (GDPR) and does not use employee tracking, but only supports location on the building map.
  • What smartphone operating systems does the Netia Smart Building application work on?

    The application works on Android and iOS smartphones.
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