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 Netia BDI is a fixed, symmetric form of Internet access. It features a guaranteed bitrate in the Netia network and a consistent data download and upload speed, which significantly improves work performance and convenience.

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Thanks to about 40 contact and data exchange points, we guarantee you the best possible service parameters.

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Advantages of using Netia BDI


The capacity of your service increases as your business grows and is available from 1Mb to 100G.


At the customer's request, Netia can run two independent lines to one location - to provide 100% service security and automatic switching over in the case of a breakdown. The service is backed by a guaranteed SLA.


CPE devices are installed and managed by Netia. This is a powerful router to which the customer's LAN can be connected. In addition, you get technical support that you can rely on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Advantages of Netia BDI

Feature Advantage Benefit
Constant and guaranteed bitrate of the  CIR line = 100% Very good real transmission speed that does not change over time The ability to download and send data in a short time
Symmetrical lines Consistent speed of data upload and download Possible installation of web server, mail, FTP, etc.
A modern backbone and access network with a high capacity Guaranteed maximum transfer even during peak hours Fast downloading and sending of data at any time
Extended IP network – connections with other international and national operators Fast and reliable access to foreign and domestic resources  Very fast access to any sites, and downloading and sending of large files
Netia's modern, nationwide network managment center Guaranteed quick diagnosis and removal of potential breakdowns Failure-free IP network, no transmission downtime, which is especially important for companies that base their business on the Internet (portals, hosting customers, banks)
Technical parameters
  • Guaranteed data upload and download speed in accordance with the service purchased
  • High capacity of lines in a backbone network
  • Rapid data transfer in the domestic and international traffic
  • Dedicated lines with the rest of the world and other operators as reserved for Netia customers only
  • A pool of static external IP addresses after completing a RIPE request
  • High-performance router with the possibility of connecting the customer's LAN – the device installed and managed by Netia.
Interested in our solutions?  Request contact  or call 22 715 02 00

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