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Netia Incident Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of security systems

Find out about threats to your company's systems, defined in security policies. Put matters in the hands of a 24/7/365 service.

Continuous monitoring
Small and medium-sized companies that cannot afford an SOC class solution can use automatically generated reports on cyber threats in the company. Netia Incident Monitoring is a security system monitoring service (at the interface with Fortinet devices) that will immediately inform you about identified IT security incidents.
The service is based on technology from leading device provider Fortinet and is adapted to your company's security policies. Automatic reporting (via e-mail) takes place around the clock, and additional consulting support from Netia specialists is available.
The management of the service and monitoring of its operation is supervised by specialists from Netia. It does not require any hardware or software to be installed in your company. It is quick to implement and meets the requirements imposed by the Act on the National Cybersecurity System. This is a very affordable IT security monitoring system.
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up to 5 Fortinet devices

notification of incidents

3 hours of consulting

weekly reporting

max. 20 playbooks

Monitored sources: network firewalls and FortiAnalyzer
up to 10 Fortinet devices

notification of incidents

10 consulting hours

reporting once a day

max. 30 playbooks

Monitored sources: and FortiAnalyzer
individually set number of Fortinet devices

notification of incidents

20 consulting hours

reporting once a day

individually set number of playbooks

Monitored Sources: network firewalls, FortiAnalyzer, FortiMail, FortiSandbox, FortiClient, FortiManager, FortiChache, FortiAutenticator

Threat monitoring and notification of critical or important incidents

Netia Incident Monitoring will inform you about those threats that are in line with the security policy and current needs of your company.

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Netia Incident Monitoring

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  • What is Incident Monitoring?

    The service allows you to monitor the IT security infrastructure in the company and informs about identified incidents within the Fortunet network infrastructure at the Customer's or in Netia (made available to the Customer). In addition to monitoring and reporting, the service can be extended with an analytical and reporting layer.
  • Who is the Netia Incident Monitoring service for?

    The Netia Incident Monitoring service is recommended to all companies that want to increase their IT security, but do not have enough budget to purchase the advanced Security Operations Center service.

    Some entities are obliged to monitor security systems (this applies to entities covered by the Act on the National Security System), and some companies will soon be subject to this obligation (in connection with the NIS2 Directive).
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