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Qestions & Answers

  • Update the Route 4 site B in Germany

    Document: RFP Germany, Appendix no 5:
    Correct address the Route 4 site B is : Germany, 60326 Frankfurt am Main – Equinix (FR5), Kleyestrasse 90.
    Geographical coordinates: 50.09885, 8.632004
    Dark Fiber termination: fiber optic distribution box (ODF) (SC/APC or E2000/APC) at Equinix (FR5) colocation Facility (MMR).
  • Interconnect at the border - German/Czech Republic

    Document: RFP Czech Republic Appendix no 5:
    Q: There is no ODF on the field at the border. There is a splicing box with fusion splicings, where F Suppliers from Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic are spliced. Is the fusion splicing acceptable?
    A: At the border the ODF is not necessary. The bidder with Dark Fibers on both sides of border, should only ensure fibers continuity. If the bidder offers only Dark Fibers to the border, it must indicate the termination point and operators with which it is connected on the other side of the border.

    "Last Facility is needed max 20 km from Site B"
    Q: What do you mean by “Last Facility”?
    A: The last Facility is needed max 20km from Site B - the last regeneration point (colocation) is needed max 20 km from the border in Czech Republic.
  • Facility at Brno

    Document: RFP Czech Republic, Appendix no 5:
    "A facility at Brno (Czech Republic, South Moravian Country) is needed. This facility has special requirements: 16U Rack Space (19/21”); two independent DC power lines (2x20A 48V DC A+B) prepared to the collocation space and the possibility to connect to other operators. Maximum power consumption at the beginning 300W, expandable to 800W."
    Q: What kind of special requirements are needed for facilities in Brno? Is that colocation obligatory?
    A: Special requirements for colocation in Brno are only necessary if your route passes through Brno. Netia prefers the shortest route from Cieszyn to Prague. If your route goes through Brno there are special requirements:

    • 16U Rack Space (19/21”) with minimum 300mm deep and non-rear access required
    • two independent DC power lines 2x20A; 48V DC A+B. At the beginning 300W will be enough
    • Dark Fiber termination: fiber optic distribution box (ODF) (SC/APC or E2000/APC)


  • Netia’s requirements for power supply and air condition in the Facilities

    RFP Czech Republic/Germany, Appendix no 5:
    "power supply and air condition on Facilities must be redundant and guaranteed with a minimum of 8 hours of battery autonomy and with an emergency power generator"

    Q: Can the emergency power generator be mobile or does it need to be permanently available on site?
    A: Emergency power generator can be mobile, but the Facilities must have a connection to a mobile power generator.

    Q: Do all Air Conditioning Units (ACUs) require redundancy?
    A: It is our expectation, not required. It is important for Netia that an appropriate response in the event of failure is required to ensure proper operating conditions for the devices.

    Q: Is 8 hours battery backup mandatory?
    A: It can be split between battery and the delivery time of the mobile generator to provide 8 hours of unplugged operation.

    Q: Is redundancy on the AC circuits for node required?
    A: No, redundancy for the AC circuits for node is not required. Redundancy of the DC power supply in the form of two independent power supply circuits (A+B) is required.

  • Indexation of maintenance fee

    When specifying maintenance prices, please use the price on the date of submitting the offer for the cost of electricity for the entire period. We understand that energy supply prices depend on their suppliers and may change in the future. At the same time, please propose the rules for their indexation in the comments under the valuation in appendix 2 to the RfP. The proposed method should allow Netia to verify in the future whether the expected changes in energy prices will in fact only be the result of an increase of fees paid to electricity suppliers.

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