Cookies Policy

According to the consent granted and the browser preferences, one or more cookie files may be saved on the user’s computer (terminal device) by our company or a company cooperating with us while browsing through our website. Please read the following information concerning cookies and the method of their use.

Similarly to many other websites, this website uses cookies. Cookies are small files saved on the hard drive of the computer while visiting some websites. They contain information related to the computer and usually contain no personal data. These files may not be used to infect a device with viruses or malware. Each cookie file consists of the following 4 basic parts:

  • Name of the website: name of domain or subdomain which set up the cookie,
  • Name of the cookie: each cookie has a name which is unique for the website which set it up,
  • Expiry of cookie: some cookies expire after closing the browser (cookie session); other cookie files will be automatically deleted only upon reaching the expiry date which was set up (persistent cookies),
  • Value: this is the information in the cookie file which the website uses to “remember” the last visit.

In the cookie files we store basic, anonymous data about the user (e.g. username) as well as information which aims at increasing the convenience of browsing through a given website which is necessary to optimise and properly display the content of the websites and advertisement campaigns. The above information is used for the following purposes:

  • Recognition of users logging on protected websites which makes it possible to revisit them without the need for entering the username and password for each website,
  • Recording user’s preferences – the browsed content and the form of browsing (the user does not have to change the preferences during each visit on the website),
  • Recording the websites visited by the users which enables collection of data necessary to improve the presented content and the method of browsing through the website.

We use the following categories of cookie files on our website:

  • Internal – set up by our website in order for it to function properly,
  • Identification – set up by our website in order to identify the session and logging in of the user
  • External – set up by partners of our website such as Google or Way2Traffic which are used for analysing traffic on the website and its resources as well as evaluating the activities of the users and for advertisement purposes.

Users of our website may at any time stop providing the above information to our website by deleting the cookie files saved on their terminal devices. In order to do so, change the settings of the currently used browser.

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