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Netia Data Center MIND

Netia's Data Center ensures the best performance and security for your business. Advanced data centers, top-level performance and a secure location. Provide the best environment for your data.

A newly constructed facility in Jawczyce, the latest technological thought for this type of facility in Poland. Just 10 km from the center of Warsaw, in the immediate vicinity of the S8 road. 1,060 m2 of server space and almost 700 m2 of office space. The building is equipped with three independent power lines and energy-saving solutions such as DRUPS. 

Netia Data Center SOUL

In the business center of Krakow, apart from the floodplain, a building (formerly Onet Data Center) with an area of 3,200 m2 with space for approx. 500 rack cabinets. The distinguishing features are, among others 110 cm raised floor, hydrogen detection systems, energy quality tests, possibility of installing devices on the roof, service of min. 2 people 24/7. A place highly rated by external auditors.

Netia Data Center BRAIN

Access to Grodzisk Mazowiecki via the A2 motorway in 30 minutes from the center of Warsaw. A free-standing facility designed from the beginning for the needs of a modern Data Center, with all amenities and security systems in the TIER III standard. Additional office and conference space and parking for 50 places. Specialized technical infrastructure from leading suppliers has been wrapped in an impressive architecture.

Netia Data Center HEART

Perfect location - close to the business center of Warsaw (ul. Poleczki 13). An ultra-modern fire extinguishing system that guarantees the safety of the most valuable resources of your business. 24/7 security. Ability to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Interested in our solutions?  Request contact  or call 22 715 02 00

Visit our Data Center in Warsaw   Request contact  or call 22 715 02 00
We are developing systematically

Netia is dynamically developing its IT outsourcing portfolio. Data Center is a solid foundation for all Netia Next services. We have already invested several dozen million PLN in the expansion and modernization of our facility’s entire infrastructure, including the latest generation fire protection system. In our flagship collocation center we have more than 1,200 square meters of high-end server rooms. We also have dozens of technical facilities throughout Poland.

Adam Kowalczyk Senior Product Manager

Netia Data Center - strengths

Physical security

System monitoring and physical protection - 24/7/365, access control system, CCTV, and intrusion detection system

Fire safety

The IG-541 Inert Gas Extinguishing System and VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus), a unique “silent nozzle” system, noise reduction and the iFlow gas release noise reduction system

Cooling system

Efficient cooling through the installation of cold corridors, precision air conditioning using freecooling with N+1 redundancy.

Power supply system

Two independent power lines, UPS modules and battery powered backup for a minimum 25 minutes, an electricity generator set.

Green energy

Netia's data centers are powered by energy from renewable sources. Energy from innogy Polska onshore wind farms flows along routes to facilities in Warsaw, Kraków. From March 2021, the new DC building in Jawczyce is proud of green energy, as well as DRUPS, which instead of batteries use an environmentally friendly, innovative solution - energy stored in a rotating mass.

Professional Remote Hands support

The customer has the convenience of being able to order Netia to service their devices 24 hours a day; 24 hour access to the Data Center.

Data Center MIND
Over 1000 m2 of colocation space and almost 700 m2 of modern office space for lease
One of the most modern and first eco DC facility in Poland
24/7 physical security, biometric access for customers
Critical infrastructure certification
See Data Center SOUL
Data Center SOUL
Total area 3,500 m2, including almost 500 rack cabinets on an area of 1,000 m2
Good location - close to the center of Krakow, in a non-flood area, near the business center, about 4 km from the A4 motorway
Two-track power supply with the possibility of testing the quality of the supplied energy
24/7/365 surveillance center, physical monitoring and CCTV
See Data Center MIND


high efficiency and battery backup for a minimum 25 minutes

Power generators

Guarantee of continuity and independence of power supply


separate collocation chambers with independent technical infrastructure


Fixed fire extinguishing equipment – a state-of-the-art fire extinguishing system


Fixed fire extinguishing equipment – a state-of-the-art fire extinguishing system

Certificate - innogy Polska SA confirms that Netia's Data Centers are powered by energy from renewable sources

  • Data Center

    Data centers are a key element of a modern IT infrastructure. And regardless of whether companies are building their own infrastructure, collaborating with an external data center, or using a cloud service provider, virtually all of them use the services of a data center that allows them to meet the constantly growing needs.

    Data centers are the backbone of today's increasingly interconnected global economy. And due to the increasing amount of data generated and used each year, their future can be safely described as stable and secure.
  • What is Data Center?

    A data center is in fact many elements, such as routers, switches, security systems, mass storage devices, servers, drivers and many, many other IT components necessary for data storage and processing and management of critical systems.

    In addition to IT equipment, a data center is an infrastructure that allows you to maintain the continuity of hardware and software, i.e. power subsystems, UPS batteries, power generators, ventilation and cooling systems, fire extinguishing systems, and kilometers of cables and optical fibers enabling connection with external network operators. In addition, the data center includes security systems, i.e. 24/7 monitoring systems, perimeter protection systems, card access devices, personal airlocks, biometric scanners and many other solutions ensuring data security.

    In addition, a building consisting of corridors and rooms with server rooms, social, workshop and storage facilities.

    The data center is also about people. Professionals with extensive knowledge, able to design services tailored to customer needs, provide technical support and ensure the smooth operation of equipment, server and software updates.

    It should also be remembered that data centers are usually built in several locations, which allows for flexibility of data backup, protects against natural and man-made disasters, such as floods, storms or terrorist threats. Netia has many data centers scattered throughout Poland. However, the most important are three: Heart, Brain & Soul - located in Warsaw and Krakow, equipped with security systems in the TIER III standard, specialized technical infrastructure from the best suppliers, ultra-modern firefighting equipment and 24-hour security.
  • Who uses the Data Center?

    Everybody. More or less consciously. Any person, company or entity that generates or uses data. Ranging from government and educational institutions, telecommunications companies, financial institutions and retailers to users of social networking sites such as Google and Facebook.
  • Data Center services

    Data centers offer data storage, backup and recovery services, data management, and network data transfer. They can store and operate websites, host cloud-based resources and applications, enable banking transactions and e-commerce store operations, create spaces for the online gaming community, and do many other things that require the constant processing of unlikely amounts of information.

    Data center services can include IT infrastructure, software, processes, and personnel, including:
    • Installation, upkeep and maintenance of equipment
    • Collocation and lease of servers
    • Renting a cabinet in a colocation center, box or server room
    • Management and sharing of links and Internet access
    • Services in public, private and hybrid clouds
    • Ensuring security: firewalls, anti-malware programs, protection against DDoS attacks
    • Backing up and restoring and archiving data
    • User management, authentication and authorization
    • Designing services, systems and even data center buildings
    • Technical support, eg Remote Hands
  • Modern Data Center: what are the most important benefits of using a DC?

    Proper data storage is of great importance for their security, so it is worth paying attention to the selection of professional services. By using the services of an external data center, the customer is free to focus on the fundamental activities of his own company.

    What does a modern Data Center guarantee?

    In practice, a modern Data Center is a solution that:
    • offers clients services at affordable rates, in various options depending on the rental period and requirements,
    • provides immediate scalability in the event of changes in customer needs,
    • provides an excellent software and hardware environment,
    • provides a system with optimal performance by distributing the load among cluster nodes.

    Users / customers do not have to worry about hiring people responsible for the maintenance and management of data centers. Services are available at any time and without failover due to backup or recovery.

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