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Network homogeneity
VPLS is a virtual private network service for local area networks (LANs) in multiple branch companies. It is the latest and most technologically advanced data transmission product. Its purpose is to connect the computer networks of any number of a company’s branches located across Poland into one wide area network (WAN).
Security and performance
It is important to keep your data secure and efficiently transmitted with full control of its flow. The VPLS network provides secure and extremely efficient data transfer. The VPLS solution uses highly valued mechanisms, such division into classes enabling the convergence of a variety of data within the network (e.g. data transmission, Internet, intranet, videoconferencing, voice calls), optimum use of the bandwidth, setting of traffic priorities and monitoring of data transmission quality.
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Benefits of using Netia VPLS
Privacy and control
Quick and convenient installation process
Within the Service Netia ensures the following:
  • Design of the solution
  • Consultations with network engineers to prepare the optimum solution
  • A turnkey installation, including design execution, and installation of the entire network infrastructure
  • The Internet delivery method is tailored to your company’s individual needs
  • We sign an SLA that specifies various service parameters
  • Our specialists handle both network connection and device configuration in your company.

Netia is a certified partner of the MEF organization, offering a wide range of access solutions

Wide coverage

Netia has the second largest fiber-optic optic network in the country

High degree of reliability

the GMPLS redundancy mechanisms implemented in the network are unlike those owned by any other operator in the market

Comprehensive services

one supplier, one invoice – the line, after-sales service, hardware and hardware management at the customer's premises

Interested in our solutions?  Request contact  or call 22 715 02 00

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