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Netia Ethernet Basic

The basic version of the service – a data link in the of the 2nd OSI layer (L2). An option dedicated to customers who need to connect L3 Routing Devices in different locations.

Netia Ethernet Advanced

The advanced version of the service – a data link in the of the 2nd OSI layer (L2) between two locations. This option ensures transmission of untagged traffic, an unlimited number of VLANs numbered in any way (QinQ feature) and – as a standard - MTU 1522 frames in L2. This service supports any type of traffic (broadcast, unicast and multicast).

The service’s topologies:

The Netia Ethernet service can be deployed in a variety of topologies depending on customer needs.

Point-to-Point topology

Point-to-Point topology is characterized by the fact that each physical port in the customer's branch has its equivalent in the form of a physical Ethernet port located at the company’s headquarters. These are independent Ethernet data transmission channels. Each of these channels may have different parameters and any type of service may be used to build them.

Point-to-Multipoint topology

Point-to-Multipoint topology is characterized by the fact that all physical ports from the company's branches converge on a single physical port at the customer’s central location, where each route is distinguished by an appropriate 802.1q tag (each route - from the point of view of the customer’s central location - has an appropriate VLAN number).

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Technical specifications of the service

Feature EPL EVPL Model A EVPL Model B
Coverage POP in large Polish cities Poland Unlimited
General functions
Transparency of VLANs Yes Yes No
Maintaining the CE-VLAN ID identifier Yes Yes n/a
Maintaining CoS CE-VLAN Yes Yes n/a
Service multiplexing Yes Yes only on one UNI
Max. limit of addresses Unlimited 10
Unlimited on request1)
Maximum supported frame size 1564 bytes
9000 bytes on request1)
1526 bytes
1540 bytes on request1)
1522 bytes

Auto-negotiation enabled Yes (default) Yes (default) Yes (default)
Delivery of unknown unitary/group/broadcast frames unconditionally Conditional < 5%
100% group transmission ability
EVC on request1)
Conditional < 5%
Processing of layer 2 control protocol
STP/RSTP/MSTP Tunnel Rejected
Tunnel on request1)
PAUSE Deletion Rejected Rejected
LACP/LAMP Rejected Rejected Rejected
Link OAM Rejected Rejected Rejected
Port authentication Rejected
Tunnel on request1) – for  MACSEC transparency needs
Rejected Rejected
E-LMI Tunnel Rejected Rejected
LLDP Tunnel Rejected Rejected
Delay of equivalent PTP Rejected
Tunnel on request1)
Rejected Rejected
ESMC (SyncE) Rejected Rejected Rejected
GARP/MRP Blocking Tunnel Rejected Rejected
Cisco VTP i CDP Tunnel Rejected
Tunnel on request1)
1)          The MTU limit and MAC address values can be increased after the site visit.
2)          These protocols can be tunnelled by means of increased L2CP transparency as an optional service.
Ethernet - Parameters

Advantages of Netia's solution

Nationwide network coverage

Available nationwide, Ethernet is a perfect solution for all customers.


Advanced connectivity without increased overheads or risk: costs up to 10 times less than traditional WAN solutions. An attractive price in case of higher capacities, low implementation costs per 1Mbps.

High bitrate service

You can ensure efficient communication between your Data Center and your headquarters, or else perform real-time data replication. The requested capacities in the second layer can range from 2 Mb/s to 10 Gb/s.

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