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Netia BDI – fixed symmetrical link for businesses

Accelerate business and increase efficiency with symmetrical Internet that works without downtime and that your company can trust.


With a wide capacity from 1 Mb to 100 Gb , increase the bandwidth of the service as your business grows. You can thus choose the Internet bandwidth that perfectly suits your business needs.


At your request, we will set up two independent Internet connections in one location to ensure the service switches between them automatically in the event of a failure. This gives you 100% network security and peace of mind as you can do business without any worries or downtime.

Comfort and work support
The same upload and download speeds guarantee your employees great comfort when using the Internet. Customizable functionality, router installation and management, and 24/7/365 technical support on Netia’s side are other strengths of the service that will ease the burden on your IT team.
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Full bandwidth guarantee
in a symmetrical link for high connection quality
Extended network IP
with access to domestic and international resources
50,000 km of optical fiber network
in various access technologies
95th percentile method
in billing for sudden increase in demand
Internet SLA
guaranteeing the service parameters
Additional IP addresses
as required

Fast business traffic with a symmetrical Internet connection

Netia BDI is high-speed symmetrical Internet with guaranteed bandwidth, so your business is always online.

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  • What is symmetrical Internet?

    Symmetrical Internet is a type of Internet connection in which download and upload speeds are equal. This is of great importance, especially as more and more applications and devices requiring better and faster Internet access are released every year. All these applications work much better when upload and download speeds are equal, which is the case with a symmetrical link.

    What does this mean in practice? Most ISPs, especially those offering their services to individuals, quote speeds of 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps and even 1 Gbps. This looks promising, and as a result, any recipient will opt, as a rule, for the highest available option. However, these values only apply to download speeds – upload speeds will already be significantly lower.

    Offering a 100 Mbps symmetrical link means that both download and upload speeds will be 100 Mbps.
  • What is Netia BDI and who can benefit from it?

    Netia BDI, or Business Internet Access, is a fixed, symmetrical Internet access that works well for various business relationships. It is characterized by constant bandwidth, guaranteed in the SLA, and the same download and upload speeds.

    This solution is perfect for companies where upload speed is important, i.e. for those using, for example, VoIP and SIP communication technologies (since the symmetry of the link and its high bandwidth significantly improve call quality and reduce delay). They will also be chosen by companies sending large amounts of data between networks (e.g. financial institutions exchanging data with multiple branches), as well as those using cloud technology and sharing resources and data with clients or project teams.

    Netia BDI uses the latest access technologies, giving the possibility to have a pool of fixed IP addresses and imposing no restrictions on the amount and type of data transferred. The service includes the installation of a high-performance router managed by Netia. The router is perfect for creating a corporate LAN.

    Another option is to create BGP routing, so that a company with more than one link can manage and create scenarios for managing IP traffic on different access links.
  • How much does symmetrical Internet cost in Netia BDI service?

    Netia BDI allows you to select the speed of the connection to meet the needs of your business. The service is priced individually based on the selected speed parameters and SLA variant. Feel free to contact our business advisor who will answer all your questions, suggest the best solution and present its price.
  • What benefits does Netia BDI (symmetrical Internet) provide for businesses?

    With its advanced technology, Netia BDI provides: - Scalability – bandwidth can be varied with business needs from 1 Mb to 100 Gb.

    - Reliability – with the ability to run two independent lines in a single location and their automatic switching in the event of a failure, Netia can ensure 100% security as guaranteed in the SLA.

    - High transmission quality – a modern, extensive backbone and access network, connected to the most important international and national operators, ensures maximum transfers, even during peak hours, fast access to resources and the ability to send large files.

    - Convenience and security – Netia’s state-of-the-art nationwide network management center allows for fast diagnosis and removal of potential failures, which is particularly important for companies the business activities of which are based on the Internet (websites, banks or hosting companies).

    - No bottlenecks – the symmetry of the link and the high guaranteed bandwidth, as well as the scalability of the service, ensure that the link is not be overloaded.

    - Availability of cloud services – cloud services require high upload speeds, and Netia BDI’s symmetrical connection guarantees the availability of data and resources stored in clouds.

    - Technical support – the owner of a business Internet connection – Netia BDI can use technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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