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The digital channel lease service provides
The digital channel lease service provides a transparent bit-to-point line between two points in national and international relations and ensures a fixed rate of transmission. Depending on your needs, you can scale the bitrate from E1 (2 Mbit/s) to STM-64 (10 Gbit/s) according to the transmission capacity of your devices.

Advantages of Netia offer

Stability of line parameters

Constant line capacity, regardless of weather conditions

Network supervision 24 hours a day

High availability of the service and the possibility of direct contact with the Network Management Center at any time

Network maintenance and management

By high class professionals.

Easily increased capacity in the network

This does not involve replacement or purchase of new hardware.

Full data transmission separation

Along with protection against external attacks.

Ability of data, voice and video transmission

High quality transmission on one, universal line.

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