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How we work?

The Netia SOC team consists of people strongly committed to the idea of promoting awareness in the area of cybersecurity. We constantly monitor activity in the digital space, observe the market of ICT security solutions and technologies, and improve our competences.

We work on 3 lines of support:
SOC L1 operators monitor the security of customers 24/7 and handle security incidents
SOC L2 specialists support colleagues from L1 and are committed to solving difficult incidents that require more experience and skills
• SOC L3 experts carry out complex implementations, search for vulnerabilities, analyze malware, support clients in building advanced security systems, conduct penetration tests and repel cyber attacks

Piotr Moroz Security Services Director Netia S.A
1st line of support 24/7/365
  • monitoring of systems and services from the SIEM level
  • verification of alerts
  • receipt of reports and contacts with customers 
  • incidents - triage process
  • setting up and handling tickest
  • basic  incidents analysis
2nd line of support
  • development of rules, scenarios and playbooks
  • analysis and mitigation of advanced incidents
  • support of services implementation
  • 1st line SOC support
  • implementation of vulnerability scans 
  • incident reporting to CSiRT
  • system tuning
3rd line of support 
  • implementation of advanced, professional services
  • threat hunting & threat intelligence
  • 1st  and 2nd SOC line support
  • support for complex implementations

In the Netia SOC unit we employ specialists and experts with documented knowledge and competences confirmed by industry and manufacturer certificates (in the field of technologies used). Selected SOC employees also have security clearance to access classified information.


ISO 27001:2017
All cybersecurity services offered by Netia, including services provided by the Netia SOC team, are covered by the Information Security Management System compliant with ISO 27001. Compliance with the standard is confirmed by regular certification audits carried out by external authorized auditors.

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